Top-up / freeze page is confusing at a glance

The app has been pretty intuitive on the whole (once I figured out you tap your balance to top up) but one thing that’s been a recurring theme is that I nearly hit the “freeze card” button every time I go to top up because of its placement center bottom of the page.

I’m writing this because I finally did hit it when meaning to top up and had to re-enter my top up card details hurriedly so I could catch a train.

Any chance these could be moved around or moved to separate pages?

Thanks a lot for this feedback @elliotcm it seems clear we can do things better :slight_smile:

That’s totally right. We’re about to push an update where the ‘Card’ section has its own button at the bottom of the app, so that problem should be fixed really :soon:

That’s a side effect of some internal changes we’ve made recently. You should never worry about writing your card details again. So I consider that one fixed too.

This one is a bit trickier. For us the ‘freeze card’ button demands a big and center button because of a few reasons (we might be wrong, of course):

  1. It’s OK to press it. One tap freezes, another tap defrosts. There’s no cost on tapping it.
  2. When you really need it chances are that you are a bit on a panic mode. In stressful situations people develop tunnel vision so we need to make things really easy for them. That’s the reason why escalators have those huge “stop machine” red buttons.
  3. The feature itself is kind of a statement about the new ways of banking. We want to give it importance since freezing a card is something that legacy banks don’t usually offer.

What do you think? Are we in the right direction? Thanks!

Right, if re-entering the card details was unrelated to accidentally hitting the freeze button then it’s definitely less of an issue than I first thought.

In that context your points about making the freeze card button in the prime position seem valid, but that does still come at a cost to the most common action.

I’m speculating now, but perhaps the page could do with a UX pass to give it more structure? Right now the page is a little unstructured; you’ve got your balance, then “Top Up” presented in a way that at first glance seems like a title, then the big card image which doesn’t serve much purpose other than (I guess) to confirm to you which card you’re topping up (can you have more than one? Does anyone read the numbers and confirm? Could it be ditched?)

More speculation but I’d also wonder whether the position and style of the freeze card button would actually help someone in a panic. The reason I keep (nearly) hitting it is due to its location under the thumb. Because the page is lodged in my brain as “the top up page” then autopilot kicks in and I push the most accessible button. If I was in a panic would I be so ready to hit buttons, especially since I wasn’t in “top up” mode, and would the subtle contrast of that button stop me seeing it?

More questions than answers, sorry!

Yeah, I know what you mean. By the time we are a bank we want that card to be able to show you the full card number. So you can pay on the internet without taking your wallet out, just by looking at the app (and copy/paste probably). So this is one of the few things that we prepare in advance and that, maybe right now, seem a bit pointless.

Regarding the freeze instead of top up I’ll try to get some data to see how many people taps freeze > unfreeze > top up. We’ll keep you informed.

In any case, as all we do we’ll keep listening to feedback and improving things… as an example, right now @tom was flagging similar concerns about this screen so, don’t worry, we have you covered :slight_smile:

Actually, I was wrong about that :head_bandage: Apparently we haven’t shipped the last changes yet so this glitch may still happen. We’ll fix it soon :slight_smile:

Some of us are just freezing & defrosting just to show off how clever :mondo: is to our friends :slight_smile: