Top-up is unintuitive, or is it just me!?

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(Referring to to Android app)
The top up function is really not intuitive for a new user. I feel like I should be able to tap my current balance and it would give me an option top up from there?
I’ve been using the app for about month and the only way I knew how to top up was to scroll down my transactions to a previous top up and there’s an option in there. I’ve been thinking surely this isn’t the only way, and went to the help section and it was actually pretty hard finding the question “how do I top up?”… I feel like that should have been one of the first questions, which says go to “card -> top up” but there actually isn’t any “top up” text on the card page.
Might just be me, but in my opinion, because you get the initial £100 top up, and there is the top up option on the transactions page, it’s easy to overlook the “card” page because it just doesn’t look like there’s anything important there. Just my card number if I ever needed it. A new user gets used to using the transactions page daily and it’s only until they’ve been using the card for a bit and they’re having to scroll down the transactions list to top up that it starts feeling wrong.
TL; DR in summary-

  1. Please make “how do I top up?” more prominent in FAQ’s
  2. Consider allowing the user to top up from tapping current balance
  3. Consider making the top up button more obvious on the card page. Maybe have it span the width of the card and actually say “top up”

(Bob) #2

If you go to the help section and type “How do I top up” you should find the answer immediately :smile:

I assume you’re using Android? On iOS the top up button is obvious from the card page. I think on Android it’s just a ‘+’ button without indication, which is perhaps less helpful to a new user.


Yes there are differences between both OS (I have Android and iPhone running - though plan to ditch iPhone permanently soon) but I found the + intuitive enough. Though I do tend on most apps to automatically go to any hamburger menü and select options that way.

(Geoff Pascoe) #4

Although, on android, the instructions you find when you type “How do I top up” aren’t overly helpful. The instructions say to click “Card > Top up”, but there’s no button that says “Top up”, just a plus sign. For most people that would be OK I’d think but I can imagine somebody looking for the “Top up” button the instructions tell them to click…

(Fernando Madruga) #5

This had me confused too! I thought the + would be to ADD another card, seeing that it’s in the Card tab, so avoided that at first. But when I finally clicked it, I saw what it was for. Not really intuitive. One does get used, after knowing, but not the best choice, IMHO. And if the iOS version says “Top up”, then this one should say so too…

(Ben Martin) #6

I thought the plus button was to add an additional card…I’m an idiot. Thanks for this!

(Bob) #7

Given that you’re not alone in making that assumption you could be reasonably forgiven :wink:

(Arslan) #8

The Card Screen has been reworked in the current Prepaid Beta. So, hopefully, it will be much easier to top up in the next release in android. No more Plus Button for Top Up.

(Tony Hoyle) #9

I never thought those round floating buttons were particularly intuitive, but they were very popular for a while. Google used them in material design so they got stuck everywhere (the biggest problem I could see is they were on the bottom right, when every other action is defined to be on the action bar or the top… you’re just not looking there).

(Arslan) #11

:smiley: :smiley:

(Ben Martin) #12

You’re a gentleman haha

(Hugh) #13

That font is horrible.

I don’t understand why Samsung insist on using it

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