Freezing the card

What does this actually freeze?

The button is on the account page, which suggests that it might freeze the account, including direct debits and the like.

The the graphic just shows the bank card frosting over? Does that stop online payments? Or recurring payments?

What does freezing really do?



Just the card



It freezes the card so just the card cannot be used , you still amend standing orders and transfer cash etc…


Maybe the text should say “freeze card.”

The account tab used to called card tab didn’t it?


Thanks all. Does this block online and/or recurring payments as well?

One thing to note if have multiple cards in Google Pay. If you freeze and unfreeze the card, you’ll find the default card in Google Pay has changed. You’ll only realise after you make a transaction and see it’s gone to the wrong card. The card instantly appears as suspended in Google Pay which is really neat.

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If the payment is being taken from your card (so you had to enter your card details to set up the payment & can change them in your account settings), then yes.

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Except that makes no sense because it is the card lost and not the phone (you do the freezing on the phone) :roll_eyes:

It makes more sense on the backend in the context of the EMV Tokenisation Framework. That said, my understanding is this can be unlinked, and I hope that in the future it is! Being able to continue using the phone would be a HUGE convenience for anyone who lost their card.

I think the confusion of freeze being on the account page comes from the UI being designed for a prepaid card. I expect Monzo will rethink large parts of the UI in the months to come as they grow. The product really is starting to outgrow it’s current UI :slight_smile: (and that’s a good thing! Proof Monzo’s getting better!).


You can have Google Pay on multiple devices but yeah in my case I only use one and was showing off the feature to a friend (now also a monzonaut spelt wrong). Maybe it should be clearer and tell you exactly what will stop working after you freeze it (and what won’t). If my understanding is correct it’s basically anything that uses your card number. So DDs and SOs etc are unaffected. Makes sense to me but lots of confusion on the forums I see a lot.