Top up buttons not working on Android

I’m using Monzo on an HTC One M9 with Android Nougat. In the recent few days, I’ve had trouble clicking the button in the bottom right corner of the home screen, to bring up the top up screen. If I go through a previous top up I can get the screen, but then the [+] and “Top up using Debit Card” buttons don’t work.

The buttons all appear, but when I press them, the things underneath seem to trigger, instead of the buttons.

I can’t tell if this is a Monzo problem or an Android problem, but other similar buttons work in other applications.

Has anyone experienced this? What can I do to fix this? It’s very frustrating!


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Are you using a screen dimming app like twilight, or f.lux, or something else that is allowed to draw over other apps?

These cause problems with the most recent version of the android app due to some code to prevent “tap jacking”.
You will need to either disable these apps, or add exceptions for monzo in order to use the topup functionality.

If you install the latest beta of the android app, less things are disabled, and a friendly warning pops up to tell you why the button was disabled.


Works OK on all my Android devices.

Clicked the red with white cross plus button leads to item ‘underneath’ the button, not the actual click.

I’ve just moved Josh’s topic here. The title of his post was:

Can’t top up my card, plus button doesn’t work, seems ‘invisible’ to click

Just to confirm, this is button has been disabled deliberately.

You’ll see this message in the app if you try to tap the button, once the next version of the app is released -

There’s more details on what’s happening from the Monzo team here -


@rikkiprince @Jclark You can switch to beta Monzo app using this link:
If our theory is true, you should get popup as posted by Alex. :slight_smile:
I never really had any problems with beta app, and if you don’t feel okay with it - you can always leave beta program and downgrade to stable.

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Twilight was the problem! Cheers for highlighting the issue. Not sure how many users will be accessing apps such at Twilight but good to know!


Aaand it works this morning!

I am using twilight, so that must be it. Thanks for all the replies folks!