Top Up and Card Payment not working (05/03/2017)

When my girlfriend and I top up, the top up notification says successful saying the money will appear in a few seconds, however the top up doesn’t come through. Anybody else having the same issue? It doesn’t come out of my bank.

I also topped up and it HAS been confirmed in the other banks app as paid but not yet appearing in the Monzo app.

However shortly after topping up I got a text alert from Monzo saying they are aware of problems and investigating


You can always check the bank’s Status page for details of outages and on there you will find a chance to sign up for text alerts for status updates


All payments (including top ups) are failing at the moment -

Loot card are also down, another prepaid Mastercard app

Well spotted, in this instance the issue is with Monzo’s processor - GPS.

Text from my link to Monzo’s Status page above.

We’ve just received word from our card processor that it may be up to another hour until the problem is resolved.

According to this site Loot do use them too.

Update 13:40hrs - One of our suppliers needs to run an unexpected, large migration and we are waiting for further information. We don’t have a firm estimate when this will be completed and suggest everyone uses another card today.

We’re so sorry for any inconvenience this causes you. Your money is safe and this is only a temporary issue. We will be conducting a full review of how and why this happened and what can be done, by both us and the supplier, to ensure this does not happen again.

Just received an in-app notification about this. Wouldn’t it have been wise to have sent something sooner, though? I tried using my Monzo card this morning and couldn’t work out why it wasn’t working, much to my embarrassment.

I received a notification in app over 4 hours ago…and a text from Monzo Status a minute or two before that (any user can sign up for Monzo Status texts)

EDIT I repeat the link to the Status page quoted earlier in this thread

As Richard mentioned, you can sign up for alerts by SMS on the Status page to ensure that you receive the notifications immediately.

Having said that, it would be helpful if the ‘transaction declined’ notifications mentioned that Monzo’s experiencing issues, for users who haven’t received the Status notification & don’t think to check the app. I’m not sure where that’s possible or not…

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Users are also lucky they can get SMS notifications of problems. Three large banks had problems with card payments recently and users were totally in the dark about it

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Thought I might have found somewhere in Australia :australia: where the Monzo :credit_card: doesn’t work. Tried to buy beers using contactless and then chip and pin. Both failed, but seems very likely I was just impacted by the current issue.

Had to use another card that doesn’t give such a good exchange rate and charges for non-UK transactions.

Good luck getting the issue resolved soon! :slightly_smiling_face: