Card Topups not working - Blacklisted?

Dear All,

For the last four days card top ups to my monzo current account do not just work. When clicking on the icon withn the application I just get a message saying “Your device is not connected to the internet, Try again”. However all other functions within the application work so that error is misleading.

Due to the apparent conversation recently about how card top-ups are costing money etc painting it in a negative light, I get the feeling that I have been blacklisted from using them.

I admit I am a regular user of card topups but this is only because the account I transfer money in from does not support faster payments and also the card top up convenience was a major positive of the original pre paid card which this whole experience was built upon.

So therefore I ask has anyone else had any issues using card top ups in the last week and if not or if some users are having the same issue to monzo, is there a blacklist for certain customers now for using debit card topups.


Have you tried the in-app help route? What did they say?

I think you should get in touch with Monzo in app chat or

No one will be able to answer this here.

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Hey @stavster :wave:

Sorry about this :disappointed: This is caused by the API we use to pull all your cards down timing out when there are a large number of replications! :see_no_evil:

We can fix this our end if you give us a message through the in app chat :+1:


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