Tonights Vote


There is a vote ongoing at the moment; if that passes, then yes, there’ll be a vote on requesting an extension to A50 tomorrow. If it is defeated, then there doesn’t need to be.

(Nathan) #22

Get the second referendum on the go.

Side note… sick to death of the dup speaking as a lone voice for northern ireland on all this when we overwhelmingly voted to stay :-1:

(Emma (still not the app)) #23


It can’t be delayed without a reason the EU will accept. The EU will not budge on pretty much anything, including any extensions. Thats only happens for specific reasons. and extensions help the EU not the UK.

(Drew sanders) #25

I voted leave & would do so again tomorrow. I think though you are probably about right with 60/40 in favour of remain if we had another vote on same question.
We do though live in a democracy & the vote looks at which scored the most so it is only correct that this is followed.


Maybe but when Tory MPs state the farming industry will be decimated as will need to add 50-60% tariffs both ways countries will look else where, I voted remain and will do every time as I didn’t now enough at the time to vote leave and glad I did, nobody really knew why they voted leave as it was all a massive bunch of lies :joy:

(Michael) #27

TMPM vocoder soundboard is now something I need