Toilet Roll recommendations

Nah. Not having it. This is the toilet roll equivalent Android vs iOS. It’s almost as blasphemous as the guy in the card design thread who said the Monzo plus card is the worst. We need to have this out in a toilet roll turf war.

Or the next best thing. A poll.

Which is the very best toilet roll?
  • Andrex Supreme Quilts
  • Cushelle Quilted
  • Kleenex Extra Comfort Premium
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Added a third option for no reason other than it being the one King Charles uses. And because turf wars are three-way battles now.

Closes Friday evening. The winner will be declared the objective best* toilet roll.


*Unless Andrex doesn’t win

Does Charlie actually use Kleenex or am I being gullible?

I’ve never tried the Andrex Supreme Quilts.

I’ll have a look next time I go shopping and compare, but I’m a man of habit and like what I like :sweat_smile:

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I actually have no idea. I’ve seen news stories over the years referencing that he has an affinity for a particular Kleenex toilet roll (it’s pretty much just commercial unbranded Andrex; they’re the same company).

According to this Amazon reviewer, it’s this one (which is what I went off):

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I keep reading Toll Road recommendations and thought it was another France e-Toll thread :laughing:

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Wait so this means you’ve snuck Andrex in twice?

How Machiavellian of you :joy:



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None of these, get a bidet people.

You still have to pat dry with something!

And what about a man’s pee instrument?


In the immortal words of Taylor Swift - ‘Shake It Off, Shake It Off’!


Am I the only man alive who isn’t doing this?

Always assumed that’s why boxers had extra layers, just in case… ya know.



Oh dear.

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This is almost as shocking as the revelation I saw on Reddit years ago, that most Brits don’t actually clean where a bidet cleans when they’re in the shower!

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It reminds me of a stand up show by Michael McIntyre where he does a bit mocking guys he saw in the gym drying their “cracks” let’s say, shouting to laughter that that part isn’t wet so why are they doing it.

I felt like the only person concerned that I felt like that should be wet after a shower…

As for the male pee situation, always dab where paper is available. I was in a bar in London last year that had little paper dabbers next to each urinal which was very handy and not something I’ve seen since.


Shake thoroughly :joy:


That doesn’t stop the thing being wet!

Try just shaking your hands after washing - they ain’t dry!


Each to their own RE Willy dabbers :joy:

I’m sure if it was solely your finger tip wet you could shake that dry, which is a fair comparison unless you’ve an oddly shaped :eggplant: split 5 ways into another form of whatever to match a hand.

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Thread of the year right here


I just wet my finger and shook it, still isn’t dry after a couple of waggles :saluting_face:

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