Toilet Roll recommendations

My understanding is that this is true for most wipes because they contain plastic, but if you get ones like the Andrew moist wipes that are 100% cotton then those are safe to flush because they will disintegrate.

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Some wet wipes claim they are “Fine to Flush” standard, but this certification scheme was withdrawn last month

Water UK is now running a Bin the Wipe campaign.


Perfectly aware. But I still use them.

Everyday is a school day!

Although for cleaning ones self they are very good though… A conundrum…

You can “make your own” wet wipes by adding a dab of Wype to toilet paper for a final clean:

Safe and flushable.


I’m getting up close and personal to people on the internet way more than I thought I ever would :jack_eyes:

I just buy whatever. Can’t say I’ve ever put any more thought into it than that.


Sainsbury’s Super Soft Double Rolls.

£2.57 for a pack of four.

I like the look of this. Thanks for sharing.

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Andrex isn’t basic, it’s very expensive! Whenever I’ve seen it, the price is about 70p-90p a roll!

I have Aldi own brand 6 rolls for £2.19 that claim to be 12 roll equivalent and have also had 10 packs of 9 rolls bought off TikTok shop for £20 which was slightly thicker but the rolls are not as long so possily a false economy!

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I actually meant basic in the sense it’s a fairly normal brand and nothing special about it.

That being said I find cheaper brands less comfortable and thinner so you use more. And given the regularity of use and, ahem, the area of use, 70p a roll is perfectly acceptable to me.


I get 24 rolls of the supreme quilted one (far from basic, it’s their most expensive roll) for about a tenner on Amazon. Or 41p a roll.

So imagine the basic Andrex one could be had for much cheaper than that.

Those are about 59p a roll at Morrisons now so that’s not too bad in my mind. There’s a point where I’m happy to spend to keep my butt happy.


I am happy to spend on toilet roll - I keep seeing adverts for cheap shitty “4 ply” roll on tiktok, that smells of lemons, so annoying

The smelly rolls I always find to be a bit crap. Same with the ones that have lotions/balms on them. Basically see no difference compared to a good quality “normal” roll…


Just make sure its not been used

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This is our go to toilet roll:

We fell for the “fine to flush” marketing on the wipes and ended up having to unblock my drain after a few years. Now they are put in the bin wrapped in a single sheet of toilet paper.


Always go for this, or Andrex is next best.



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Carlo, it’s quite the other way around, I assure you.

Each to their own. I use a lot of roll so know my preference :joy:

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