Toilet Roll recommendations

Surprised to find Smart Toilet and Kitchen Towel topics, but none dedicated to the smaller towels everyone uses. Or maybe not everyone :astonished:

So without further ado-do, here it is.

Push out your preferred or avoid-at-any-cost small sheet advice. From the indestructible, non-stick skin-lacerating Izal types to the atom-thin, finger-through-paper disappointments.

Starting with this one, from an initial marketing point of view:

Asda, you have a marketing winner :muscle:

Full unboxing and in-depth review to follow through after I’ve had a Toby’s All-you-can-eat and a few coffees.

So what’s your ring-of-fire rescue luxury? Reassuring spongey thickness or a moist application via hello-vera? Absorption excellence or something completely different maybe - bidet or just walk-away?
Comments below.

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Costco’s own brand Kirkland 3 ply is excellent. I believe it’s Costco’s biggest seller. When you go there most people buy it as you can spot it in their trolleys. 10 packs of 4 rolls. Competitive price but not sure what it is atm as I haven’t got a recent receipt to hand.


Asda Shades are very good.

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You know this is my kinda topic!

I’d have made it myself, but it’s the one area of my life where I’m pretty content. That, and I’d previously just used the subscriptions thread to discuss my toilet roll adventures.

Andrew supreme quilted is best. That’s all there is to it.

Who Gives a Crap live up to their name. It’s crap.

Costco, as ever, is overrated and not very good.

Always been intrigued by these (Might have mentioned them in the kitchen towel thread too):

If Monzo’s bathrooms aren stocked with coral toilet paper supplied by these folks, they’re doing it wrong.


The Costco one is now over rated. It used to be top of the plops, but now I personally think Charmin tubeless takes that spot.

Surprised to hear this. The premium bamboo variety is currently in my next shop I was going to give it ago. I had been trying out the Happy Panda one but that is awful. I tried their boxes of tissues and they were great, so had similar hopes for the bog roll. But alas the toilet paper is pretty weak and useless.

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I just use Andrex; whatever is on offer at the time.

I’m #basic.


Another vote for Costcos’s from me.

Before that I use to buy Nicky Soft touch loo roll.

I’ve been using the bamboo rolls from Who Gives A Crap for a couple of years now and it’s excellent. On a par with “premium” brands like old Andrew but no plastic waste.


The bamboo one is the one I had on subscription for a while. I really wanted to love it. I love everything about them. But the paper is just too thin and the individual sheets are too small, that you can neatly fold them into a plush thick square that’s large enough to wipe, which just encourages you to use more than you really need and is wasteful. It also makes their claim of sheets per roll versus other quite a bit misleading. And my fingers would often tear through the paper when I wipe.

After about a year of enduring for the planet, I went straight back to my trusted Andrex supreme quilter and have never left them again. The plastic outer packaging (which they’re now starting to move away from, in addition to doubling roll length and flattening them for transit) isn’t that evil so long as you recycle it. The sheets are the right size, so I only need 4 folded into a square. And they’re nice, thick, plush 4-ply.

Despite the rolls being smaller than who gives a crap, and having fewer sheets, they actually last longer just by the nature of being thicker and having a better sized sheet. I don’t need to be wasteful in using them just to make sure I get a good wipe.


I have a bidet, so I only buy toilet paper very rarely. I hate all toilet paper tbh, but I think I just have the Tesco brand quilted one or something

Who Gives a Crap premium to get the worst off then a couple of sheets of flushable moists from Amazon.

Hmm perhaps I should go running back to my favourite Koala branded Charmin tubeless then. That has big chunky rolls and two sheets is often enough to get the tradesman’s entrance looking it best… :sweat_smile:

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Moist tissues are the unsung heroes of the toilet paper world imo.

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Always Cushelle.


Really like Who Gives a Crap. One order does me for a good 6 months.

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Bamboo doesn’t work for toilet paper, I find. It’s a little lacking in the absorbency area, in a way that doesn’t matter for tissues.

I use Waitrose own brand myself. Can’t be doing with the cheap brands, it’s a false economy. And the fancy brands, your Andrea and what have you, feel rather over engineered to me - it’s all very well making an amazing one square, but when my natural inclination is to use more and fold it over, it feels like I’m massively wasting an expensive roll.

Might be worth trying to correct your natural inclination. It can save a small fortune.

I was a huge toilet paper waster in my youth. I’d just wrap dozens of sheets around my hand until I was satisfied and wipe. Wound up wasting half a roll on a single pee or poop.

Until I was old but not quite middle age old and noticed there were actual toilet roll instructions on the back. Took a while to form the habit, but I’ve adhered to it ever since. Only really works if the individual sheet is a suitable enough size that it’s large enough once folded, but it’s a profound change. Absorbs just as well, fingers don’t go through, and the paper usage is significantly less.


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Three sheets is enough. Which matches up with the graphic you posted. But three sheets of Andrex quilted for example is far thicker than necessary, and needlessly expensive considering the cost per sheet.


I use 4 now! Don’t think I’d be able to tolerate any less.

If the sheet sizes were any smaller and not as plush, I wouldn’t be able to stick to my 4 sheet routine.

Flushable wipes aren’t actually safe to flush and cause fatbergs.