What really grinds your gears?

There is a whole bunch of things that annoy me but the one that happens most often is this…

A car that is indicating right and instead of being parallel to the road markings angle themselves which prevents others from passing. :rage:

Don’t laugh at my crude drawing :rofl:



Where do I start!

  • People not using their indicators (especially on roundabouts)
  • People walking 3 abreast stopping people from walking past them (we need fast and slow lanes on the pavements)
  • Office politics
  • Brexit
  • Poor customer service

People who write the message of an email in the subject line and leave the body blank. Do one.


Oh god WHY!!! Are you trying to be efficient or do you not know how to use email?!


Is this a forum version of BBC Radio 1 Rage against the answer machine :smile:


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Yes THIS!!

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Spelling errors in topic titles :smiley:

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This is especially grinding for me right now…


What? Where? :wink::stuck_out_tongue:

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Sneaky folk! They grid my grinds! :rofl::rofl:

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I hope the former, I suspect the latter.

The worst ones are super long subjects that cut off so I have to drag the cursor across to actually read the message.


Alrite Susan calm down I only used a drop of your milk. GAWD!


People who come to the office and then spend the entire day with headphones on, not interacting, the ignorant mouth-breathing social misfits.

And then you have to ask them a question so need to gesture like your having some kind of seizure to get their attention, and then they give you the laboured “just let me pause this track before taking off my headphones and THEN I’ll give you attention, but you do realise you are interrupting my flow right” look.



People who interupt my flow when I’m working. I wear these headphone so I can ignore the idiots I work with.

It is funny to pretend not to notice they’re trying to talk to me though



This list will expand as everything annoys me:

People that slurp their hot drink… I’ll tip that over your head if you don’t STFU
People that walk slowly in malls… Speed up you fool I need to buy my crappy stuff
People that stop in the mall and chat… Move!!
People that drive 20 in a 40… Need to be banned for a year
People that do not have their contactless cards ready on public transport… Do you think we all have time to wait for you to search through your bag?
People that shout on their phones on public transport… No I don’t care if your uncle just bought new goat
People that play music through their phones whilst on public transport… listen you little yewt you may like this new Drill Music crap but I don’t.
People that do not read their E-Mails but then continue to ask a question when the f**ing answer was in the last E-Mail sent… You are getting ignored mate
People that add you on chain E-Mails thinking you know the answer or can help… errrrr no mate.


Sociable 'ol you…:grinning:

  1. People who make that list too long, thus losing all or most of the comic effect. Restraint - just a little Restraint.

  2. People who take the moral high ground

  3. Pomposity…:flushed:


Now you’ve annoyed me by mentioning Greg James :laughing: Tries far to hard to be funny and re-uses lots of old features from other producers passing them off as his own.

  1. Having to bend over to pick things up
  2. People who don’t press the button at the crossing
  3. People who wear their shoes with the heels mashed down (when they are to lazy to put them on properly)

You know most crossings are automated and make no difference about pressing the button?

But yes I still get annoyed :stuck_out_tongue: