COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Another good reason for using Monzo

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I can’t say I use much RMB in my day to day life.

Polymer money we use is also a lot more hygienic than cotton paper money as bacteria and virus’ die faster on them. Coins can actually also be toxic to bacteria.

But in the end, yes, money will spread it.

It’s the behaviour of the person using it more than anything else, I think.

  • Oh, how kind of you to let your toddler chew on that ÂŁ5 note before you take it out of their mouth and hand it straight to me
  • I saw you sneeze into that hand you’re now handing me change with, and I’m not sure if the fact you also wiped it on your leg after sneezing makes it better or even worse, but I am very much not down with this.
  • I hope these brown stains on your coins are corrosion and not anything else
  • I don’t want to think about these brown stains on your notes

Even before now I’ve always washed my hands a lot.


IFA, Google IO and FB Developer Conference all cancelled due to Coronavirus :cry:

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This is essentially what Tom Clancy The Division is about :joy:


The way the UK is handling the virus is really abysmal. Washing your hands is not sufficient public health advice. People should be wearing masks if it gets any worse.

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The World Health Organisation states that if you don’t have any symptoms then you don’t need to wear a mask. You should only wear a mask when you have a cough, sneezing, fever or difficulty breathing or looking after someone who is.


The WHO advice isn’t credible and much of the virus is very unknown. If you only wear a mask when you have symptoms you will be spreading it before you display symptoms, similarly people who do have symptoms and don’t wear a mask put a huge number of people around them at significantly greater risk if they choose to follow this advice.

The advice is also wrong because it says masks are only effective in combination with hand washing which simply isn’t true. If you walk past someone who’s recently coughed or whatever and breathe it in washing your hands isn’t going to save you.


If you don’t have symptoms then wearing a face mask will not help because you won’t be spreading it via your mouth or nose directly. It would be via your hands through touch because you have not cleaned your hands. Therefore a mask would be useless to wear and ensuring your hands are clean is a priority.

Getting it from someone who coughs or sneezes around you shouldn’t happen because they will be wearing a mask as they have symptoms. Washing your hands is because you may touch something whilst in public (door, bus rail etc) that someone else who has the virus has touched.


Symptoms don’t always appear before the virus is contagious. Wearing a mask protects you from others. Not everyone with flu-like symptoms will be wearing a mask…

You’d need a proper mask that is fitted and contains a filter. The paper ones some people are wearing won’t do any good

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Indeed. What’s worse is those popular type masks which have the valves fitted to the front of them actually just let the air back out completely unfiltered (it’s so you’re not re-breathing your own breath).

Wearing masks for people who aren’t infected is the correct procedure despite the WHO deciding against that - probably in an effort to stop a shortage of masks rather than accurate medical advice.

Take the above as an example - it protects the wearer as the air breathed in is filtered, anyone around them will be inhaling their unfiltered breath as the purpose of masks is to protect the wearer not the public around them.

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There isn’t much risk from people who are asymptomatic. Coughing and sneezing spreads the droplets a greater distance that just breathing could. Masks that aren’t professionally fitted aren’t worth it

The virus can enter though eyes as well

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Not sure I’d want to sneeze into my mask, anyway…:flushed:

I always love to hear opinions like this. What is your qualification to disagree with public health scientists? What research are you quoting? What field is your PhD in?


Sure, blindly follow authority. That’s works.

Look at China’s example and look at Europe, cases are significantly reducing in China with all the the protective measures and cases are increasing in Europe because of inadequate measures. Would that cruise ship of passengers all be alright if they washed their hands?

For example China is telling it’s residents who are returning to work to take regular temperature checks, wash hands regularly, wear a face mask, eat lunch 1 meter away from others etc. British people are told to wash their hands. It’s inadequate.

Probably. Most cases seem to have been contacted after they were put in isolation.

China’s protective measures mainly consist of isolation so naturally that works short term but this is a virus that’s going to be around for years

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This isn’t at all true, there so much more going on to prevent it.

Those who can work from home are working from home, residential communities are currently residents only - no visitors, deliveries allowed etc.

Disregarding “experts” was the first step in the post-truth era we now live in.

We are in a different stage to the virus’s spread than in China. Schools in Beijing are closed. Would you like to see that here?

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Yeah, so isolation. Reducing the chances of people meeting will cut down infection but they’ll have to lift it at some stage

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