Toggle 'Values' to hide and unhide numbers

I find myself scrolling through my pots in the app while on the train or in the queue and I always get paranoid about people around me seeing my savings’ numbers or even my current account balance. I would really really really love to save the option to hide values in the app view.

I’m thinking a toggle button, maybe like this:
image that changes all numbers to ‘’ for example. Like ‘£42.0’ could become '£**.

I’d also like it if I had the option to choose what the default view is when I open the app (i.e. state of the toggle button).

Please vote for me and let’s bring sensitive information data view to the next level: £****

How can you manage your finances on the train when you can’t see how much money you have? :confused:


I think if you are concerned about this sort of think, only view the app in private? I can’t think of many scenarios where you’d have to look in a public setting.

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That’s why train carriages have toilets.

Seeing is overrated. Generally speaking, I can move things around without seeing what they are.

I don’t have to see all the money in my savings account to move £100 from my travel pot to my current account to make a payment.
Hell, I barely need to see any money anywhere (apart from current account) because of how I customised my workflows.

I’m surprised that this is such a yes-brainer.
My online payslip app does this, my online work benefits dashboard does this.

Really? I can’t be the only one to wants to scroll past some pots to get to the Bills pot for example to check future payments and does not want to have the big savings numbers displayed on the screen in font 24pt (or whatever).

Or when I want to move money from small pot to current account to make payment and have to go past savings’ pots. Same thing when I travel with friends and make payments between us (which again, involve moving to the travel pot and going past the savings pots).

The beauty of Monzo is, in my opinion, that it gives you lots of freedom to create custom workflows.
I use the app very frequently in lots of situations and my phone screen is exposed in plenty of these situations. I see it this feature as a basic security and data privacy measure.

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None of those situations require you to do it then and there - they could all wait until you are in private.

Again just playing devils advocate as it seems a bit dramatic to me…

What is insecure about someone seeing how much (or little) money you have in your account?

So based on your scenario a would-be thief needs to be stood right next to you at the exact moment that you get your phone out and stare over your shoulder without you noticing. But then as you said, you scroll past pots quickly so they can’t really be read?

If they do see a figure, then what? Does he drag you off the busy commuter train at knife point to a cash machine?

This has been brought up before and sadly I think you are in the minority. It wasn’t that popular back then either :slightly_frowning_face:

I also live in fear of someone discovering the £7.60 I have in my Emergency Pizza pot.


What consitutes an emergency pizza?

Any time when I don’t have a pizza is an occasion that warrants an emergency pizza :pizza:


I have to just hope Monzo understands this.

Sadly most of the time I’m in the minority :frowning: It’s why I doubt the virtue of democracy (and also why I tend to get depressed).

Well there is one way to find out if you’re in a minority. Get people to vote on this topic and if it gets enough you’ll get the attention of Monzo :slight_smile: :crossed_fingers:

This would be good. I sometimes need to make payments, or approve 3D secure payments and it can be uncomfortable having my balance in 36PT font as soon as I open the app.

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Maybe the ability to re-order pots (:soon:) might help your use case?

It can also be a personal safety issue

I live in hope with this one ! :roll_eyes: what’s the definition of (:soon:) it’s nearly been a month, hopefully this Monday :+1:

The definition is that it is actively being worked on by engineers right now. Although different features take different lengths of time owing to their technical nature (and depending on the feature, involvement of third parties).

They said earlier this week that it’s a couple of weeks away