Hide balance feature

Think it would be useful if there was a hide balance feature on Monzo, especially around pots.

I find, if I know I have money it’s easier for me to spend money, even if it’s not in my budget. Having a ‘hide balance’ toggle, adds a layer of abstraction that some might find useful for saving, as that’s part of the reason I have multiple bank accounts.

Hi. Welcome. This has been mentioned before and it doesn’t really gain much traction each time

You can hide your pots but your overall balance will be displayed still. When this was discussed in one of threads, it was very 50/50 as to whether that figure should include hidden pots or not. Toggles are the devil and just create a lot more work.

Plus you’ll get a lot of people thinking they’ve “lost” money because their balance doesn’t show it etc.

I would say this is unlikely to ever happen, but you never know.

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I like, miss, and would like to see others do something similar to what N26 did. Though their feature was more for discretion and privacy than to obscure your balance so you don’t spend, though it could probably work for that too, it’s just ever so easy to disable it that you’d need the some mighty willpower. And if you have the willpower you probably wouldn’t need a feature like this for that reason anyway.


The budgeting tool in summary might actually help you control your spending OP! This shifts the focus away from your balance and onto a limit you set yourself. Or as @Revels suggests, hide your pots!

Something that always used to help me fall into to the trap of impulse spending just because I had the money available was to hide it away in an external account somewhere that isn’t quite as easy to view. Marcus is probably great for this, especially if you don’t use your app. You have to go out of your way to view your account, and it’s a layer of hassle and friction when it comes to getting access to it.

Vote for it here:

But with 15 votes at this point, it’s not a screamer.

I’d like to see this though. Like the Coinbase app implementation - that is superb.

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Was hoping to make it 16, but I’ve already voted on that one! :tired_face:

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I just 16’d it.

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