Spent Today Can Be Incorrect Outside UK (Timezone)

When in a different timezone to the UK, spent today can be incorrect.

In Australia spent today showed yesterday’s spending until after midnight in the UK, when it reset to zero. The feed correctly showed the transactions as yesterday (local time).

Please see the attached screenshot for an example of this.

To assist their techies. Is your phone:

Set on UK region but time manually amended to show local AUS time

Set on AUS region and hence showing local time

Set on UK region with time automatically changed by picking up local mobile network signal

I only ask as I worked on a project for a medical app and depending on how users amended the time on their phone it had a different effect somehow

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I noticed the same thing while I was in Japan. My phone was set to auto detect region and had updated itself to Japanese time. The spent today figure is available via the API, so I suspect the app pulls the figure in online rather than calculating it.

It’s probably that the server side software just works in UK time.

Now that someone has mentioned this, it actually makes more sense to me to calculate the daily total on the device itself since the inbuilt libraries no doubt handle time zones for you.

Set to UK region and set to update time automatically:

Here’s my thoughts on this -


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Suspect you are correct about how it’s working currently.

Guessing if you travel west from the UK the spent today amount could end up losing some of local today’s transaction amounts.

It would definitely make more sense to calculate this locally with respect to the local timezone, or pass local timezone as a parameter to the backend and take it into account in the calculations.

I’d think working it out locally would make the most sense tbh. Though it could get tricky on the day you travel, as “today” can become a fluid concept when you cross enough time zones.