Today’s iOS update?

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So with no information in the release notes; what has actually been released in today’s iOS update? Does anyone know?

iOS release notes not useful
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Someone wrote release notes for it last week when it hit TestFlight but looks like they weren’t copied over to the production one. I’ll see if i I can find them!

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TestFlight Version

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Was going to say it’s on the TestFlight version… on a side note, I think it’s in Apples rules now that companies have to provide in-depth Change Logs from now on… they can’t just put “Bug Fixes”

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Don’t find this particularly useful:
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I think that was pre-release notes that made it to the final production release by mistake.

Proper release notes: Today’s iOS update?

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So that’s two iOS updates in a row that have had little in the way of tangiable content in the release notes.

This is an area for improvement I think :eyes:

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Agree - get updates with nothing of any substance.

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What is in todays iOS update anyone?


Just seen this from Monzo

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Just read that as well! Glad to see that detailed release notes won!