Today’s iOS update?

So with no information in the release notes; what has actually been released in today’s iOS update? Does anyone know?

Someone wrote release notes for it last week when it hit TestFlight but looks like they weren’t copied over to the production one. I’ll see if i I can find them!

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TestFlight Version




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Was going to say it’s on the TestFlight version… on a side note, I think it’s in Apples rules now that companies have to provide in-depth Change Logs from now on… they can’t just put “Bug Fixes”

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Don’t find this particularly useful:
When you’re changing my banking app now that I’m #FullMonzo


I think that was pre-release notes that made it to the final production release by mistake.

Proper release notes: Today’s iOS update?

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So that’s two iOS updates in a row that have had little in the way of tangiable content in the release notes.

This is an area for improvement I think :eyes:


Agree - get updates with nothing of any substance.

What is in todays iOS update anyone?

Just seen this from Monzo


Just read that as well! Glad to see that detailed release notes won!

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