iOS automatic updates

(Pete) #1

This is annoying, I feel like offering people updates blindly is bad practice. It’s probably my biggest issue with the App Store.

Today’s iOS update?
(Michael) #2

Can’t you turn off auto updates? Or is it an all or nothing setting in iOS?

(Andy - Customer of Monzo - Own Thoughts) #3

Yeah you can turn off auto updates in settings.

(Simmy) #4

It’s a good idea to upgrade for security issues. But i reckon the main reason is to stop jailbreakers

My phone saying 11.4.1 is the latest, so no upgrade for me


You can easily turn off “Auto Updates” - Although I can’t think of any scenario where you wouldn’t want the latest update?

You are talking about the iPhone OS (rather than the app specific updates) - You are right, in part it is to patch any security vulnerabilities - Although the whole “Jailbreaking” scene is kinda dead these days.

(Micky) #6

I was thinking the same thing. I’ve never refused an update because I didn’t like something in the release notes. Also if you have to reset your phone you’ll have to install the latest version for apps anyway


I can’t cope with the little notification - The red circle with a “1” in it… It gives me nightmares.

But yeah, on a serious note - With how often devs can update their apps, very rarely will it be bad to update.

(Adam Kendrew) #8

Just turn off all notification badges. Best thing I ever did! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(James Murray-Ferris) #9

If it’s like me who also can’t stand the notifications then even with it turned off I wouldn’t be able to settle as I’d know it was really there haha

(Adam Kendrew) #10

I don’t actually have any app badges or notifications on for the majority of my apps; apart from messages and email. It means I go into the app on my own time, rather than being tempted in by notifications.

In terms of the App Store, I don’t really see the need for notifications. Everything is set to auto update, so there is really no reason to have the app badges on? :slight_smile:

(Pete) #11

Woah, this comment has nothing to with auto updates, not sure why it was split, I have had auto updates turned off for ages, this was to do with the release notes containing nonsense about eagles or whatever it was.


Ah, did you mean that Monzo offering an update with no obvious details about what has changed is bad practice?

Because it read that you were annoyed with it automatically updating.

(Pete) #13

Yeah, the message was a reply to someone who was complaining about the update containing no information in the release notes. It doesn’t matter I just logged in and was surprised to see all the auto update stuff :blush:

(Toby Toller) #14

Is Jailbreaking still a thing? What’s the reason for people doing this?


Looks like they listened :wink:

(Simmy) #16

So you can get a load of apps/hacks for free.
I’ve never jailbroke and don’t intend to, it can be a security issue