No Monday update?

Monzo usually does a weekly update to the apps. Looks like there will be none today and possibly for a while?

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I was about to write the same. Hopefully they release something exciting today?

Haha literally every single week after lunch I’m refreshing the app store to see if there’s any update and always hoping it will be a really cool one.

There are occasions when it’s delayed by a few hours or a day etc.

I don’t think there was anything interesting in the last TestFlight release.


Ah good idea. Just installed testflight :ok_hand:

Test flight releases are a few days ahead of the App Store. Usually towards the end of the working week.

And that discussion can be found here:


There was an Android beta last week. Assuming no issues, that should be rolled out soon, I think.

Although sometimes if there are issues with the betas then sometimes they skip a week.

There seems to be a recent pattern of Android beta releases being fired off to the Play Store on Thursdays - which are then available for download later on Thursday or on Friday depending on the processing speed of El Goog.

The iOS testflight equivalent seems to be fired off earlier in the week - on Tuesday’s.

Just had an update to Monzo show up in the app store for me (iOS).

Improved accessibility for Pots making it easier for screen readers and a tidy up in options to move money.

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