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This will be the main thread for sharing all the latest release notes for our iOS app :tada:

We’ll keep the top post fresh with the newest notes, and keep the older ones stored below for posterity.

So comments are turned off here. But feel free to use the #ideas:feedback category to share what you think about specific new features and changes.

Latest iOS release: v2.15.0

You may have noticed we skipped over version 2.14.0. But rest assured, this week’s release is definitely 0.2.0 better than 2.13.0!

Your Monzo app should feel a little snappier. We’ve fine-tuned the performance of your feed and pulse graph, as well as sped up switching between tabs.

We’ve also made it easier to order replacement cards, and check the status of any current card orders. The rest of your settings have moved into the profile section.

Monzo for iPhone - Release Notes (v2!)
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We skipped this release


We’ve heard that some people’s apps were a bit slow, so the fixes in this update should help make scrolling around your feed buttery smooth.


No big news, we’ve just fixed some bugs for joint accounts. But we do have some small news: the Brazilian pygmy gecko is so small that it can walk on water.


Ever heard the phrase ‘unknown unknowns’? That’s the things you don’t even realise you don’t know, rather than just the things you know you don’t know… make sense?

If you’re new to Monzo, you might have a few unknown unknowns. So we’ve tweaked our Help section to suggest things that new people might find more useful, rather than leaving them to fend entirely for themselves.

We’ve also made it so you don’t need to talk to us if you want to update your phone number. You can edit it yourself from your Profile.

Should make things easier for people, you know?


Splitting bills is a pain, right? If only there were some way to make it better. Take a look at our Labs area where you can try out new features.


This week: we’ve made some updates to the Joint Account sign-up process, and fixed some issues that were affecting how Summary works with Joint Accounts. There’s also some behind-the-scenes work to make paying your bills a bit less stressful. Coming soon!


The bald eagle actually has quite a silly cry. So film-makers dub them with something more majestic-sounding (usually the red-tailed hawk).


There’s not a lot to update you on at the moment, just some general sprucing up. But we didn’t want to leave you empty-handed, so here’s a nature fact:

Some types of snail can sleep for up to three years. Remarkable.


We’ve been giving a little feature you know and love some TLC behind the scenes, to tidy it up and make it easier to find. We’ll let you know in-app once it’s ready for the main stage.


This update contains a quick fix for a shiny new something that we’re previewing later this week.

Come to or watch our event on Thursday night to hear more!


Remember Targets? They’re now Budgets. (Because we realised that really they’re budgets to stay under, not targets to hit…) As well as setting individual budgets for particular categories like shopping and going out, you can now set a overall spending budget for the month too.