iOS Release Notes

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This will be the main thread for sharing all the latest release notes for our iOS app :tada:

We’ll keep the top post fresh with the newest notes, and keep the older ones stored below for posterity.

So comments are turned off here. But feel free to use the #ideas:feedback category to share what you think about specific new features and changes.

Latest iOS release: v2.6.0

We’ve been giving a little feature you know and love some TLC behind the scenes, to tidy it up and make it easier to find. We’ll let you know in-app once it’s ready for the main stage.

Monzo for iPhone - Release Notes (v2!)
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This update contains a quick fix for a shiny new something that we’re previewing later this week.

Come to or watch our event on Thursday night to hear more!


Remember Targets? They’re now Budgets. (Because we realised that really they’re budgets to stay under, not targets to hit…) As well as setting individual budgets for particular categories like shopping and going out, you can now set a overall spending budget for the month too.