Toast message at wrong step

When making a transfer, after the reference number input, one is prompted for authorisation. If one does not use biometrics, a pin pad appears.
Now, if the reference number includes illegal characters, then only after entering one’s pin, will a popup will appear saying to “use only English letters and numbers”… This can (and had), lead one to believe that there is something wrong with one’s pin, not the reference number.
This message must appear before the authorisation prompt, not after!

Details to reproduce:
Go to transfers, make an international transfer, choose CAD as the destination currency, continue until prompt for reference number. Enter a reference number that includes the following characters: “-”,"(", “)”. Continue. Authorisation appears. Authorise. Program goes back to reference number step with a toast saying to use only English letters and numbers.
Android 10
Moto G7 Power (XT1955-4)
App Version:
n/a, sceenshots not allowed in app

Hello Lloyd :wave::blush:

I also noticed it, but it wasn’t a problem for me tbh :thinking:

I simply renamed reference field info and vuo-lia :wink:

I don’t think that solves the problem raised which is that the flow can lead to an incorrect conclusion about what needs changing.

One does not speak like a pirate :wink:

Sounds annoying though, I agree with the above.

What does toast mean in this context? I haven’t come across this usage before.


Like an alert or warning that pops up temporarily. In this case the “use only English letters and numbers” error message :slight_smile:

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I have never heard of this term!

me neither but now I’m thinking, brown with marmalade would be a good snack about now

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What a funny old word. This was an alien term to me as well, until my friend was talking to me about the iOS beta and casually referred to notification toast as if I knew what it meant!

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It is an interesting term , but I’m used to it from Windows

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