⌨ Number keypads on Android

Just a quick query on the different number keyboards that appear when sending bank transfer payments on Android (using Swiftkey).

When you enter the Sort Code and Account Number, I’m presented with the full number keyboard:

However when you come to enter your card’s PIN to authorise the payment, you get just the numbers in big ol’ buttons:

The latter is much more prefereable as the full options of other characters aren’t needed.

Is this down to an ‘input type’ of number vs phone number or some such?

I think specifying phone number brings up the ‘just numbers’ keyboard, although I’m probably on completely the wrong track.

Anyhoo, just a little note that the second option is preferable for all ‘number’ entries.


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I got the proper number keyboard when using Google keyboard. Might be SwiftKey issue?

Aaah, that’s interesting.

Yeah I guess it’s Swiftkey then.

Oh well!

Cheers :+1:

I’m pretty sure this is going to be a property on the edittext. Maybe SwiftKey and GBoard handle them differently :thinking: