To Monzo employees. Job queries! Compliance Monitoring Adviser & Compliance Monitoring Adviser- Financial Crime

Hi guys, I wonder if you can help me find out a bit of information regrading a job I am looking at with Monzo.I am interested in Compliance Monitoring Adviser & Compliance Monitoring Adviser- Financial Crime. I currently work in similar role in a large bank. Does anyone work in compliance department who can let me know if that role can be remote? At the moment I can work from home very comfortable as I have all the systems at hand. As Monzo is a big advocate of work-life balance I was wondering I you can work remotely. I understand that COp’s work remotely at home but am aware it it slightly different line of work security/data protection wise. I would really appreciate your guidance. Thanks. :slight_smile:

If remote work is possible it’s listed in the job details. Some of the engineering jobs for example say remote is possible but you need a commitment to work in London 20% of the time


Thanks for your reply. Can you specify 20 % per week or month? And if it not too much to ask can, do you know the salary bracket for compliance jobs at Monzo by any chance. There is no information on Glassdoor for that department. Many thanks.

i’ve checked the monzo careers site and there’s no salary mentioned there either

On the job i saw it didn’t specify what time frame that was over, but that wasn’t for compliance which doesn’t mention remeote work at all, so that seems to be entirely office based. Can’t see an email address for further details so maybe @simonb know one next time he’s on the forum

Hey @CuriosGeorge :wave:

I’ll raise this with our hiring team for you and let you know as and when I hear back.

Thank you very much,I really appreciate your time.I would not want to apply for a job and waste recruiters time if it is not something g that would suit Monzo and myself.So I thought I use this fab tool and post in the Monzo community forum.

I am Monzo customer myself and never knew it existed.Will definitely use it for troubleshooting if I have any issues.To be honest I have not had any since I got Monzo account nearly 2 years ago :nerd_face::raised_hands:t4::credit_card:


Hey there @CuriosGeorge - I’ve heard back from hiring and unfortunately for this role we are ideally looking for London based candidates as the role would require a significant amount of time in the office.