Proof of direct debit?

i just want to ask you question about direct debit. My landlord and agency wants me to give them some kind of proof of direct debit from my bank that i set that up and they will get paid for a rent via dd and im just trying to find it in app. Can you please someone tell me how or where can i get it? Thanks

I would contact the in-app COPS if a screen shot of the direct debit isn’t acceptable. I’m sure they will be able to provide further evidence.

The signed direct debit guarantee that you gave them should be all they need…

Also if they have the ability to generate direct debits they can see the status of them on their end…


If you have already had a direct debit come out previously from your account your statement will show that. When they set up a direct debit it will be rejected of your account can’t accept it so they will know.

Some companies ask for proof you have an account that accepts direct debits, but that is generally just a bank statement, buy because they need to see a direct debit

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I think you mean Standing Order - For rent payments to agency/landlord they usually ask to set-up a Standing Order - Which is a regular payment on a set date but unlike Direct Debit, it not variable and it’s not set-up by the receiving party.

You can go to the Payments tab in Monzo and click on schedule payments. If you have set-up this should be there. Just take a screenshot and send to whoever needs a proof.


A direct debit gives them the right to collet money from your account. They would know if it was set up, and if it got cancelled. A standing order is how you’d usually pay rent, which is an instruction you give your bank to make a regular payment to a defined account, which you can amend/cancel yourself anytime.

Either way, a screenshot from your payments screen is likely all they need, any other bank would charge you a fee for a letter confirming one has been set up so they can’t reasonably expect everyone to do that. Send a message via the help section if you do need something more, but note they’re a bit delayed in getting back to people t the moment - if it’s required for you to progress your house move, mark it as urgent.

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