Monzo Stability

With today’s outage, it got me curious on the stability of your in-house systems.

I counted at least 5 bank transfer related outages with what’s visible on your status pages in just the last 3 months. There were a few card outages and customer service outages in there.

Is this a trend that’s going to keep happening? Whilst Monzo is new, you’re not in beta anymore and seem to be experiencing a large number of outages to critical services compared to other banks.


Let’s wait and see what the cause was first. No confirmation of what system caused the issue.

That’s just this time though, there seems to be multiple major outages a month now.

Do you have any similar stats for other banks? Be interested to understand how the like-for-like comparisons stack up.


This was Monzo’s first total meltdown today. I was out with my daughter and I couldn’t spend or transfer to another account. It was a total and complete failure of the system. I’ll be really interested to see their autopsy report on what happened because they failed hard today.


In recent memory I remember RBS and NatWest had a 6 day outage.

Barclays was down in September 2018 and Feb 2019 in Sept 24 million customers couldn’t access their accounts or pay for stuff for (iirc) 2 days.

TSB…we won’t go there.

It happens to everyone, I feel like we’re just in the hysteria stage at the moment. Tomorrow’s fish and chip paper.


I haven’t noticed multiple major outages. The previous biggest one in May wasn’t caused by Monzo’s systems, but rather their payment processor.

The resolution time was pretty good if you ask me.

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Those are all major incidents - TSB probably the worst.

Monzo has experienced a similar outage today, but given by the status page there’s been multiple in a very short space of time. I can’t see more because it doesn’t go back. I’ve personally never experienced any of them, even today I had no issues receiving transfers.

I’m just trying to make the point that outages seem fairly frequent given by the status pages and wondered how stable the systems really are if this keeps happening. Barclays and RBS group haven’t had problems with bank transfers in the last 3 months at all. Monzo has had 5.


They do have often, planned maintenance though we’re everything goes down usually overnight.

It seems to me that perhaps they’re just a little better at spotting when something isn’t functioning 100%.

At the end of the day we have no idea what has happened. Could be a power cut for all we know. Best to wait for the blog post.

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My bet is that someones ice-cream melted onto the server :laughing:

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And if that was the case then that is shocking.


I agree too many people bring up the odd bad point but don’t seem to bleet on about all the good ones.



Didn’t Barclays have various issues earlier in the year (maybe Feb/march) where people struggle to do banking?

I dunno how NatWest is now, but I always had issues with online banking not working when I was with them a few years ago.

HSBC has only had 1 issue that personally affected me and I’ve been with them over 15 years.

I’ve used my Monzo card several times today and not had any issues.

Slack on the other hand was broken for ages today and really disrupted my work :laughing:

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I seriously doubt it was a power cut. Given their previous openness on other issues, then I would like to hope they explain what has happened.

It does feel like something major since I would imagine their systems are load balanced over multiple machines but equally that might explain why it didn’t affect everyone.

It does concern me a little but these days I carry more than one card and have multiple cards setup on Apple pay, as I’ve been caught our in the past by failures at Barclays, NatWest and the visa system itself.

Coming at this from a different angle - perhaps we are aware of the Monzo outages as they make them public?

I’m not saying it’s acceptable - the importance in this failure is how to mitigate and ensure it never happens again :blush:


Any bank can suffer an outage at any time. At least Monzo are quick to point out a fault and to be transparent about it. If you want to be sure of no outage then you need to stick your money in your mattress haha.


I don’t know what it is, perhaps some hallucinogen in the Hot Coral dye, but they’ve done something incredible. Not even a complete failure is enough to garner criticism from Monzo’s followers :roll_eyes:


Ugh these fanboy arguments are getting so old now. Apple vs Android, Playstation vs Xbox. Now it’s banks :roll_eyes:


No, today was bad. I’m sure even when the blog is written they’ll say that loud and clear.

But it’s not wrong to point out they aren’t the only bank this has happened to in history and to want to wait for an explanation instead of going straight to public flogging


They’ve been almost bracingly honest when things have gone very wrong before e.g.