This is how I ended up working for Monzo | Brenda Wong

Great story here from @brenda including what it’s like to do a Monzo assessment center day with a hangover :sweat_smile:


Haha! I must stress that this is not my usual behaviour - but that’s what happens when your assessment centre falls on the day after your last day of your old job and your ex-colleagues are determined to send me off with a bang! Thanks @alexs


Love the write up @brenda! My journey was pretty similar :hugs:


Turned up for your interview (with a bank) hungover, and you managed to get hired.

Great work!


Beth, are you about for remote week? We should do a 1:1! :100:

Thank you! I’m still super surprised. Must say, a) the breakfast sandwich brought me back to life and b) I’ve never turned up to any kind of interview like that before. I left my old job thinking I would spend weeks looking for a new one, but then this opportunity came up all of a sudden. I couldn’t be more grateful - though I wish my ex-colleagues took it easy on me the night before!


Monzo would definately be a good place to work. I went for an interview recently where the interviewer ordered a coffee for himself and did not offer one to me, not even a water. Won’t be going there!


Hey @brenda -Sorry to bring such an old post back to life but I really wanted to read your blog post and unfortunately I can’t access it :frowning: Would you mind re-posting it? I’d love to read it! :smile:

Hey @YellowBean I’m so sorry! My website was hacked a couple of months ago and I had to completely take it down :pensive: it will be resurrected one day!

Oh gosh, that really sucks :neutral_face: hope no harm done and that you’ll be able to reshape your post with us monzo employee wannabes :blush:

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Aw it’s so unpretty though :pensive:I’m sorry for the weird experience! Feel free to ask me anything about working for Monzo - I’ve just passed my one year anniversary!


@tbowditch Thank you!!!

Don’t be sorry, it was a really good read! Thank you for taking the time to write this and share it! I really loved the way you decided to just be you in the interview :slight_smile: I’ve got an interview on Friday for a COps role - if its meant to be it will be (I really hope it will be and that I’ll be joining you soon!)

Just wanted to let everyone know that this has now been put back up :heart:

Post here: This is how I ended up working for Monzo


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