Feedback from Monzo Job Applicants

I applied for customer operations early this year, here’s my experience:
The application took a long time. A lot longer than the few weeks quoted on the website. At every stage, it took a long time to hear back from Monzo once each stage was completed. I guess it was a busy period, and I’m happy to see things have improved :blush:.
I got through to the final in-person interview, which I found difficult as I would say I can be quite shy, but it was interesting nonetheless (although I was very nervous I tried not to show it, and i thought it went okay) :relaxed:.
Unfortunately, I wasn’t offered a position, which was a shame but I understand they must have a lot of applicants. Fair enough.
However I do have one gripe :flushed:. By this point, I had obviously invested a fair amount of time in the process. This is totally to be expected for an exciting job opportunity. The eventual response I received, however, didn’t really include much (or any) constructive feedback. The email basically said I “gave some really well-considered answers during the interviews” but that “we’ve decided to move forward with another candidate” and that’s it.
Candidates do put quite a bit of time into the application process, and especially if they have got as far as the final round interview, I think it is fair to give them a little more feedback, such the experience is constructive overall, even if ultimately unsuccessful. I also think this would chime well with monzo’s values of transparency/empathy etc.
I’d be interested in your thoughts on thies, @mcampbell, particular with regards to your policy on feedback for applicants. :slightly_smiling_face:


Wouldn’t be surprised to hear the typical (I hope i am wrong!) “We can’t give personal feedback due to the high volume of applicants” line which most companies give on that one. I agree that if you have got to the interview stage and been unsuccessful then you should be able to expect some sort of feedback rather than a general “Well done, however you have been unsuccessful”


Actually, they didn’t mention anything along those lines, although they did say they enjoyed meeting me :grin: :thinking: … Perhaps at the actual in-person interview stage they don’t have that many people that it would be unreasonable to expect some constructive feedback, so they preferred not to be misleading in that way…

That’s good that they didn’t say that to you :slight_smile:. I can understand maybe if they do have hundreds of people who they interview face to face that it may be unreasonable to expect personal feedback.

My personal opinion is that if you take the time to apply for the role and get an interview and are unsuccessful then it would take a few minutes per applicant to write a brief personal feedback email. I always think the “We have too many applicants” is a cop out and shows that companies don’t value people who invest their time but are unsuccessful


I took time out of my day to apply for the risk and compliance role and I haven’t hear anything back . It’s going two weeks now and it would be nice to get some feed back even if I don’t get an interview.


Obviously the process will vary, depending on which role you apply for but if anyone wants to get a sense of what the experience of applying for a job with Monzo is like, one of the new members of the team has written this -

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I have some feedback.

The canned responses from the hiring system that Monzo use no not scream Monzo at all.

The canned response I got with my assessment told me that I didn’t have as good understanding of the task than that of other candidates.

It wasn’t until I emailed back, basically saying “Wtf” that I got told, oh no it was because there were a lot of grammatical errors and I didn’t portray “The Monzo tone of voice”

The rejection phase of the process does need a bit of work. Baring in mind the people that you are rejecting might be your customers. I honestly didn’t want to go anywhere near Monzo ever again. Got an email to say they were really pleased with my application, gave me a task, I sent it back. Waited 3 weeks for a response due to Christmas, just to get an email sent saying sorry you didn’t show a good level of understanding to the task.

There we go :smiley:

I also think it’s stupid, that had I used grammerly (which I did think about…) I might have stood a chance :joy:


Ah, be careful with grammarly, like many of these things it can get suggestions wrong.

As someone with a lot of recruitment experience, I’m going to stick up for Monzo a bit and say feedback is really hard when you don’t want to crush the person you’re giving feedback to.

Canned responses may feel that way because they’re not getting to the crux of what you did wrong, but sometimes that’s the best you can expect when sensitivity is taken in to account.

Tone of voice is a big one to Monzo, and in fact grammarly would not have helped you with that. (Tone being about how you communicate something, balancing the key message you need to convey with the way you say it).

Tone comes easier when you have sound writing skills, (and a good understanding of a company’s value system) but it’s actually a complex skill that a software programme can’t help you with.


Just wanted to add as well; think of this as a learning experience and try not to let it put you off. If Monzo is the company for you, I’m certain they will welcome future applications from you.

Just wanted to add, that while Brenda’s blog is awesome, it’s only partially reflective of our general hiring experience in that she (as is written in her blog) was part of our “Hiring Megaday” last fall where I believe we had about 40-50 candidates in (I can’t remember the exact number) and we went through the entire hiring flow with all of them in one day, including group tasks. We then made decisions on everyone within the space of about 24 hours.

I was actually one of the staff involved and did about 8 interviews back to back that day.

It has some things in common with our regular applications and others were probably a bit more unique due to the pacing.

We do these kind of assessment days when we need to recruit more quickly than usual :slightly_smiling_face:


This was the point though. There wasn’t any opportunity for me to apply again in the future, it was just good luck with the future.

It was just a canned response which didn’t make sense. “Sorry you were not successful based on the strength of other applicants” would have been perfect

Not something that wasn’t true.

Monzo isn’t the company for me. And I’m not for them!

I’ll stick to being a customer :smiley: this is all in the past, and it’s actually worked out well that I didn’t get it!

(the grammerly thing was a joke as well… Never would have done that)

We can agree to disagree, but I think you were given some useful feedback in the second response you had from Monzo.

I never said I didn’t :sunglasses:

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It took me two tries to get hired, so don’t just give up! Work on the feedback you have been given and address it all in full, and give it another try in the future :slight_smile: Perseverance pays!


If you don’t mind, what was the role you applied for? Generally grammar errors could be taken as unprofessionalism or sloppy work since it is important to be accurate and communicate effectively. I know I wouldn’t like to be speaking with a COps who had a lot of grammatical errors in their texts. It is difficult to let someone down gently and I guess they did give you additional feedback you can take as a learning point for next time! There are hundreds of applicants and I’m sure you not getting through is not indicative of you being unqualified for other jobs, they might just have a really wide choice of people to pick from and could afford to be more picky.


Honestly it’s fine. The job actually wouldn’t have worked. But thank you all!

I applied for the COop role. I’ve never one said that their reasoning was unjustified. Once I emailed and asked for feedback, and got told about grammatical errors, I totally understood. This almost stopped me applying in the first place.

I might have tried again, I might have gone on an English course and observed all my previous COop conversations.

However, after all that happened, I would never ever apply at Monzo again! (I’m sure they wouldn’t want me to either)

Funnily enough, I actually looked back at my assessment and thought “why did I answer everything in that tone?” and completley agreed that it didn’t seem very “Monzo”

Everything happens for a reason :slight_smile:

I’ve also read an article, where Tom actually says “we hardly ever employ anybody from banks”

Saw this the day after I applied :muscle:


Interesting you don’t employ people who’ve worked for banks. What’s the thinking about that?

They do sometimes :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure that they’ve said that they’re looking for fresh thinking, which is trickier if you’ve spent a while in a bank doing things a certain way.


This isn’t true. We have a fair few members of the team who have worked for other banks! I think Tom’s point was more in relation to the type of people we want to employ in terms of their perspectives and approach to work matching up culturally. The pace and direction at other more established high street banks is sometimes quite different to this environment (depending on which department you’ve worked in) so it’s maybe not as common to find people who are comfortable adapting to this after many years. That’s not to say we don’t ever employ people who have worked at other banks though - they’re just an especially talented bunch!