"This button will only work on your phone" not working

So I’ve received an email from Monzo asking me to confirm my tax residency.
At the bottom of the email there’s a so called button that says that says “Confirm Tax Residency” with a description “this button will only work on your phone”.

However, when I open the email on my Android phone it appears that the “button” isn’t clickable at all. I tried using both my Gmail app and chrome. What is wrong?

I can’t say why the button in the email isn’t working, but, if you haven’t already figured it out, I can tell you how it’s possible to confirm your tax residency regardless.

  1. Open the Monzo app
  2. Tap the ‘? Help’ icon at the bottom right of the app
  3. Type ‘tax’ in the search bar
  4. In the list of suggestions, you should see ‘Updating your tax residency’
  5. Tap to open that help article, and then follow the steps detailed