Confirming tax residance

I received an email asking me to do this. On my phone a samung s9 the link did not work so i manually navigated to the tax residency field but there was no button for confirming so i am not able to do as you asked due to your system limitations

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Lol. Probably going to be a lot of these threads this weekend.

You can still do it if you search in the app.

@Coral-Crew can all these threads be merged together?

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I received the same email, no link on my iPhone either… I tried to confirm it within the app but there is no option to ‘update or confirm’, and my tax residency there is already UK… then I tried to search for Help on that and didn’t find the relevant info… there was no option to contact anyone for a chat and the email reply didn’t work either…
This is not Monzo that I fell in love with, invested in, and brought in like 10 of my friends :eyes::woman_facepalming:

Tried search but no topic on confirmation came up just the orginal field that is already filled in

This is the 4th one tonight.


There’s another one now too :zipper_mouth_face:

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The night is still young

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I can’t. The button just takes me to the settings page.

Edit: Just noticed I can navigate to it from there.

Same here! The blue button for confirming the Tax residency does not work on either an iphone, nor an Android, it is unclickable!

Thank you, I just did it in app by first searching for the “Tax residency”.

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