Thicko google pay query

hi. I’m probly being thick here, but am confused. I went to pay for a wagamamas meal earlier (v nice) and opted to pay via gpay. for some reason, not all the cards listed in google wallet and in the payment options in my google account were listed? I dont fully understand the connection between wallet & google account optipns if honest. any ideas why they didnt all show? cheers.

I think I’ve solved it, but I dont fully understand the situation. going into “wallet settings”, “payments profile”, “payments methods”, not all my cards are listed. not sure why this is different from cards listed in google wallet or google account settings, but have added card in here, presumably will work next time. can anyone explain?

edit - the card I just added now shows twice in google account payment settings - I give up

I think the Google Wallet app is separate from the “wallet” in Chrome/your Google account.

I’m assuming you tried to pay with your phone at Wagamaas? Use the Wallet app on the phone and make sure your Monzo card is added and linked there.

yes, was using phone. I dont store any payment cards in any browsers, so thats not the issue. my wallet cards and google account cards show as the same. the only list thats different is when you drill down into the wallet settings, as I did above the payments ‘profile’ - that only shows a few of my cards, not the whole list. have now deleted & reapplied the “problem” card from wallet & google account, may be ok now. all very confusing, I suspect there was some sort of corruption.