Theresa May To Quit... Yes she did

Maybe best she does not go tonight

No “new manager bounce” tomorrow for the Tories

Anyone ready to wheel out Sir John Major…:laughing:

Leadsom going is a major blow, she’s on borrowed time now.

She will be pushed out, Andrea Leadsom has quit now and looking to get her out.

This is Leadsom’s last gasp in any leadership campaign, she is way out numbered by BoJo/Rabb/Gove. If anything she’s agreed something with one of them for a good cabinet position. Leadsom mother comment from the last campaign will come back to haunt her if she does gain any numbers.


Vote is back open as she’s going into a meeting today

Blair, Brown, Callaghan

The Prime Minister will quit.

Boris Johnson… now he’s the obvious candidate but basically given Brexit still hasn’t happened, there is the chance that the person coming in after her will get the stick for it too, so he might want to step back until he’s in the clear.

BoJo the clown - God help us.

The circus rolls on… I wonder what the balance of the three ‘main’ parties will be in a decades time if this calamity continues. I don’t see a majority government returning in the near future.

And shes up

Just announced she’s going

Watching the news this morning has been a bit like watching the steps of the Lindo Wing waiting for another royal baby to be held aloft.

Is it a boy or a girl?

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Great. I go on holiday, May leaves, I come back from holiday to WHICH bozo-nitwit running the UK?

Doomed! We’re all DOOMED!

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That’s it she’s gone. Poll closed

The big issue is Boris is the front of the pack to replace her

I’m glad she as an individual is going, but a new Tory leader is not going to help anything.

Count yourself lucky I didn’t go into politics.

On the other hand…

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The new leader will face the exact same problem, and struggle to get anything through parliament who all have their own agenda. The maths still don’t add up.

Well May does end in June