The Vegan Thread!

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Mike Tyson and competitive strongman Patrick Baboumian are both vegan too!


I’m not vegan or vegetarian but I do eat plenty of meat free meals.

I did contemplate trying it at one point but at this moment in time it’s way too expensive to consume 170g of protein per day and not eat meat :confused:

Please all start sharing some recipes as well!! I love cooking so always looking for new things to make


Vegan vegan vegan !!! In vegan !!

When people ask do I not miss miss my cheese etc ( my nickname used to be cheese man I knew/ate that much ! ) I always reply, I do, but it’s for the greater good.

Here are the main few reasons I’ll always be vegan:
Animals feel fear and pain, meat is worse for the environment than cars/fuel, the amount of grain we use to feed livestock would actually end the hunger in the world (many countries export more grain than they keep to feed their own just to get money), I do not need any animal products to survive.

That’s my almost ranting post done, now who wants to see vegan goodies and recipes?!


Yes please to some recipes!


How do you tell if someone is vegan?

Don’t worry, they’ll tell you…


Other famous vegans… Novak Djokovic and Tristan Thomas


Most of the time, vegans don’t just suddenly start talking about their lifestyle, they get asked about it… and once the other person feels like they don’t have any good arguments against veganism anymore, they think they are being pressured or overruled and say terrible one liners. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


:face_with_hand_over_mouth:How can you run out of arguments, you literally have an bacon. That’s the backstop, if you disagree with bacon the discussion is over; you can’t be reasoned with.


Perefect example I missed from my post ^^ :slight_smile:

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I don’t disagree with bacon.

This kind of bacon, that is.



That’s not even bacon. Maybe I’m frequenting the wrong vegan places, but meat is just great; we’ve been eating it for centuries and it’s great, who am I to argue. :no_mouth:


If you can go out kill it with you hands and teeth, go for it.

If you put fingers in ears, hands over eyes until it’s packaged up and given a different name on a shop shelf then don’t do the centuries arguement.

I’m all for traditions and nature but not mass production and lives being taken for no reason.

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Well, definitions change over time. It’s not bacon according to who?

Some definitions of “bank” would include physical branches.

Anyway… This isn’t supposed to be a combative thread so it’s all good.

(You just need to come up with a better argument than “I like bacon” because that one is literally a cliche at this point) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m not making an argument; I respect your views and the right to eat what you want. Personally, I enjoy meat and I’m not going to change in the near future. I get there’s arguments on both sides, but I don’t really care what they are. I’ve evaluated the situation for myself and I’m happy with my decision; I respect yours. The bacon comment was a lighthearted wading into the thread, probably not appropriate, in which case many apologies.

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All good my friend.
Nobody is trying to convert anyone else here, just a friendly discussion!

It’s interesting to think about how definitions of things change over time though. In ancient times, in some cultures, bread was made with fruit juice, cumin and fennel and if you said “bread” to your average person that’s what they’d think of. People tend to think that a word dictates the definition but really it’s the other way around when you look at wider time scales.


Cheers for the apology, I also didn’t mean to go overboard back, I just hear that remark several times a day (without fail) :slight_smile:


No problem! :grinning: I really hope people aren’t using bacon as a real reason; it’s a cliche and a bad one at that. I mean I enjoy bacon but it wouldn’t overrule my personal views should it come to that.

Personally I just love food and meat is a part of what I enjoy. Maybe if I had stronger will power or didn’t love food, things would be different. I’m not opposed to alternative diets; it’s just not for me, at least not right now. :smile:

Edit: I mean I don’t eat lamb; I had a pet one time (very young, I’m sentimental :rofl:) and that finished it for me. If someone said lamb is the best, I’m not going to start eating it because of their opinion. As a matter of fact I’m quite militant about those close to me not having any lamb, so there’s that… :flushed:

Edit2: I have Turkish family; apparently lamb is a festering issue for me. :thinking:

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The milk one I can at least relate to. Someone recommended Almond milk, it’s all the same to me (I never even got the whole difference between full fat and skimmed, same consistency and use to me…), so I tried it and converted.

Edit: likewise, lab grown meat or meat alternatives are fine with me. I’m not someone who has to know some animal has been sacrificed, in fact I’d rather it didn’t - it doesn’t please me to know my meal was once living as some militant meat eaters enjoy.


mmmmmmmmm bacon