The Vegan Thread!


There are many good arguments against veganism, but it’s actually pointless getting into them because most people cannot assess the real data and come to an informed decision.

There are few areas I’ve found where the cognitive bias of confirmation more aptly applies.

(Peter Shillito) #42

I’ve been vegetarian for a couple of years after the DF also went veggie. However, I’ve found it interesting that in the past year, a lot of what I’ve ate has also been vegan (I notice Quorn changing some of their products to be vegan, not just veggie).

I recently started shopping with Ocado after I saw how many veggie/vegan products they have that all my local supermarkets don’t stock and I can’t recommend them enough! Means I’ve got a lot more variety in my meals lately.

(Simon B) #43

Yep, Quorn’s vegan range is great! I believe their intention is to make all of their products vegan, but it’ll probably take a few years. There’s really no need for them to continue using egg whites.


My major issue with going Vegetarian/Vegan is that I don’t really enjoy many, if any, vegetables. I’m pretty much a carnivore.


If you ever come Manchester, try this:


I’m game to try. Those look good.

(Dawid) #47

Vegetarian since July 2015, vegan since July 2017. Right now I can’t think how I could ever not be vegan!

(Peter Shillito) #48

I’m the same, I am not a fan of vegetables or fruit. My diet relies heavily on Quorn and similar products that are “fake meat”. I heartily recommend the Linda McCartney pulled pork burgers and their chorizo and red pepper sausages, which a meat eater friend described as “very meaty”.

Question for veggies and vegans alike though: I have yet to find a good fish equivalent. Quorn fishless fingers just taste like their chicken nuggets, Linda McCartney scampi is the same again, Fry’s crispy prawns are closer but don’t taste very fishy. I’d’ve thought that putting some seaweed or something in them would work wonders, but I’m guessing not? Is there a product I haven’t found yet, cos fish is the main thing I miss from being not-veggie.


This gives me hope.

(Simon B) #50

I wasn’t big on seafood even before I was vegetarian or vegan, so it’s not something I’ve sought out, although I’ve had an amazing battered tofu wrapped in seaweed once which was very fish-like.

More likely to have luck with smaller brands for that one rather than Quorn/Linda etc.

Vbites (owned by Heather Mills) appears to have a substantial fish-free range.

(Peter Shillito) #51

“We are famous for our pioneering alternatives to fish” sold! Thanks for the recommendation! Gonna get down to some fish business… :rofl:

EDIT: Says a lot that the only fish-style VBites product Ocado sell is out of stock lol

(Simon B) #52

Holland and Barrett also stock VBites, but can’t say for sure whether they do the whole range, or what your nearest store might have.

(Peter Shillito) #53

I’ll check them out too, thanks. VBites own website has a bit of a hefty delivery charge of ~£6 but I guess that’s because they’re sending chilled/frozen products.

EDIT: Shout outs to Holland and Barrett’s website for recognising a search for “VBites” to show a page saying they don’t sell cold/frozen products online and then have which stores have chiller/freezers on their store page :slight_smile:

(Micky) #54

I think most people are so far removed from animal agriculture is isn’t an issue for them. I accidentally exposed myself to the horrors of the dog meat trade and died a little inside, I still feel sick when I think about it but ignorance is bliss


I wouldn’t eat dog, but I find it interesting how different animals are viewed as pets or meat.

Many people keep rabbits / birds / goats / other stuff simply as pets yet they others just see them as food.


I honestly didn’t think I’d contribute to this thread as I have no opinion on it!

But I’ve just seen this on the App Store (app of the day) and thought people would like it.

App of the Day: HappyCow Find Vegan Food

HappyCow Find Vegan Food by HappyCow

(Simon B) #57

Been using HappyCow for a few years, it’s a great app. Usually I don’t have trouble finding the great vegan places in any city, but what can sometimes be difficult is finding non-vegan restaurants that are still vegan friendly, and have proper vegan options as well as everything else. That’s where HappyCow is really helpful. I used it quite a lot when I was in Vegas for example.


Yeah, thought it was fitting that it came up today with all the vegan talk on the forum.

Looks a good app and gets great reviews.


Ditto, happy cow is a great app!


This is all really interesting to read! I’m never going to become vegan myself, but it’s really interesting to see the reasons why people are and what they’ve changed their diet for etc