The Vegan Thread!

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I got and tried some of these by the way; generally pretty darn tasty. The seaweed certainly makes them more fishy than any others I’ve tried. I think I used too much oil though when frying as they certainly came out greasy. Would try them again for sure, though they’re fairly pricy (as Waitrose tend to do).

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For the Aldi fans!

(Peter Shillito) #204

There sure is an obsession with making veggie/vegan burgers bleed by using beetroot lately…

(Peter Shillito) #205

And at £2.49 for two, Aldi’s burgers are cheaper than Tesco’s Beyond Meat burgers, which are noe[sic] reduced from £5.50 to £5, and Marks & Spencer’s Plant Kitchen No Beef Burgers, which are £3.

Calling the “Beyond Meat” burgers “Tesco’s” isn’t fair, it’s not them who make it and is also more expensive than actual Tesco’s meat free range, and comparing to M&S to make them seem cheap is also pretty daft. Should be comparing to Iceland’s range (£2 for two burgers) or perhaps Quorn’s or Linda Mccartney’s stuff…

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The puns at the end of this article are too much…

(Gavin) #207

I tend to just replace what would be meat with a mixture of chickpeas, cashews or broccoli. It’s important to have a mix of protein sources, as it tends not to be the quantity that is the problem, but getting a complete branch chain of amino acids into a meal.

I eat a lot of stir-fry meals --it’s cheap and quick. A small amount of seasame oil, fry up an onion, garlic, ginger and a dried chilli, add the chickpeas, broccoli and/or spinach, followed by mushrooms and a few dessert spoons of soy sauce. I’ll usually stir in some boiled brown rice and then serve.

I’ve also got a load of curry spices (turmeric, coriander, garam masala and cumin), which I will stir in with some passata to make a curry instead.

I find it quite easy to eat meat-free at home, much harder when I’m out and about.


I’m vegan and excited to see others here too! :seedling:

(Rachel Raybould) #209

Sainsbury’s was having taste session on vegan pizza today :heart:
Wasn’t spongy like most vegan pizzas!


So my new years resolution was to cut down on eating meat, nearly March and my fridge and freezer are full and there is no meat in them, I’ve not struggled substituting or changing things. So much choice out there. We also have a new vegan restaurant opened, that looks really promising and its reasonably priced.


Anyone seen this. :green_salad:

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Sorry I cut the link a character short. I’ve corrected it

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That story wasn’t exactly written in a non biased way :joy:


It’s quite amazing how little we know about the world around us

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Well they are responding to stimuli (in the form of vibrations) which is a characteristic of a living thing. Very cool but not sure why there were digs at vegans in that.


When does a feeling become a feeling?


All feelings are essentially responses to stimuli

(Jon Moss) #219

A very good thread… I used to be a burger-munching full on meat eater.

I went wholefood plant-based in October 2017 and have never looked back. “Wholefood plant-based” is my description of the way I eat, as you can be a vegan and eat utter rubbish like donuts and soft drinks etc…

A number of things convinced me:

  1. Health - look at the book “How not to die” by Dr. Michael Greger. Undisputed facts from research data in the form of proper trials and conditions. Not a diet book. Facts.

  2. Compassion and cruelty - most people have no idea about what goes on in terms of animal farming, slaughter, and conditions. If slaughterhouse’s had glass walls, there would be a whole load less meat eaten. I honestly had no idea. Why eat something that you’ve essentially paid someone else to kill?

  3. Environmental - again undisputed facts around the damage which the meat and dairy industry does to the planet and continues to do so.

If you had said to me a few years ago I would be wholefood plant-based now, I would have smiled and said: “yeah right”.

The key is to educate yourself about reality and facts. Watching the documentaries Forks over Knives, What the health and Cowspiracy are a good way to start.

For milk substitutes, I love Oatly and being a coffee geek, the Barista edition works perfectly for foaming.

I’m a big foodie. I would simply not tolerate boring food… now though, I eat better than ever with more energy than ever and stronger for exercise (I run and cycle a lot).

PS. the other thing to look into is oil - cut it out. It’s simply calories with no nutritional value and is not good for you.

PPS Nutritional Facts is the reference site for anything you want to know about foods and disease:

(Micky) #220

Aren’t oils and fats essential for a healthy, balanced diet?

(Gavin) #221

Yes, but some oils and fats are better than others. The fats in nuts, for example, are great. Real butter is also good. Hydrogenated vegetable oils are not good.
There’s a good article here on oils: