So my gmail has been hacked the person got to my account and changed the gmail account that was linked to my monzo account but my mobile phone is still linked to the account . What should I do? Any advice or solutions

Contact Monzo immediately - either through the app chat if you can or through the number on the back of the card.

(After that, you might want to activate two factor authentication when you get back into your Gmail account. That means that you need your phone to be able to log in or make changes).

Fingers crossed everything works out for you. :crossed_fingers:


I thought to change something like this you’d need to show ID?

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I have the option to change my email address and phone number from within the app. Nothing to suggest I need ID although I haven’t clicked all the way through.

To change your email they’d need to access the app.
To login to the app you need both a magic link (which they can get from your Gmail) and your pin number.

Not sure how this scenario is possible without the pin being easy to guess or saved in your Gmail but the best advice I can give is to call the number on the back of your card, they’ll be able to help you.


Hi Zak :wave:

Really sorry to hear that you’ve lost access to your email account.

We’d recommend reaching out to us through the in app chat if you still have access to the app. Failing that, you can email our team at help@monzo.com and we can work to sort this.


As you say, having compromising details in Gmail history is one possibility.
Another is that the account was hacked by someone who knows the victim, friend or family.

However, my understanding is that if you need to change your account email or phone number, you’re asked for a selfie holding ID, to prove the request is a legitimate request from the account holder. So I’m surprised to hear the address was changed.

Hopefully the OP can get in touch with Monzo soon and get to the bottom of this.


I changed my email address recently and I don’t remember being asked for a photo with ID to be taken.

It would have to be done in the app and I have biometrics switched on to get into the app, so I don’t know if that makes a difference.

As has been suggested by other’s I would suggest using 2 factor authentication on email and using a password manager, so you can use a phrase for your password.

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Thanks for all the responses I got back from you all but I have sent a email to monzo but they haven’t got back to me . I know we are undergoing some unprecedented times right now but I just want the account to close .

Call the number on the back of your card Zak

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Make sure you figure out how your email account was compromised and whether other accounts are at risk. My concern is that one of your machines might have persistant malware on it which means the attacker has full visibility on what you do on there and the possibilities for mischief are infinite.

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