"The Stalker Ex"

Dear All. I am an unlucky italian ex fiancee living in UK who is trying to get a new life. Even if my boyfriend has been blocked on every social media and platform, he found a way to harass me: monzo money transfer messages. Is there a way I can block him or stop him from sending me messages and money? I really need your help since the situation is becoming worse.
Thanks and a big hug!

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Not something you yourself can select in app, but Monzo take this sort of thing very seriously

Send the COps a message in app under Help ? and they will block it (and potentially take action against the sender, but no 100% guarantees on that)


Welcome to the community btw. Shame that it was under unfortunate circumstances, but I hope you can find yourself at home here


No no no, I don’t want anybody taking any action or legal decisions. I just want to block him abdand preventing him from contacting me there

Hi Eleonora :wave:

Really sorry to hear of this. If you send us a message in-app, we’ll look at blocking this sender from transferring you payments.


Ehm…the chat live is not working on my monzo account. I don’t know why

I’m going to send you a direct message here, and we’ll get this sorted for you :blush:


That is all they will do, and only if you ask them. As to action, if he was another Monzo customer it only might have been that they judged it worthy of closing their account as abuse. Would not have involved external parties. Good luck getting it sorted

Thank goodness you got away from him, be safe

Search contact us in the help section

Just curious, but is the sender blocked entirely or just the ability to add messages?

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