Block jilted Ex’s

Ok so I’ve broken up with my ex, it’s been 5 months since I have been able to separate from the evil entity.
I have blocked her on all social media platforms, however she has resorted to Monzo in order to further Harass me.
Fist she would send a penny and type a brief message, now she requests money and sends paragraphs of unwanted attention.
Can you brilliant minds at Monzo create an option to block contacts to prevent unwanted attention, as this can POTENTIALLY be a new platform for bullying and harassment.

This is bloody amazing! haha.

Sorry I shouldn’t laugh, but hats off to her to going to that extent to get in contact. :sunglasses:


If you message Monzo via chat they will block this contact for you.


What @anon99402360 said. Monzo are very keen to stamp this sort of behaviour out.


Christ, i’d never have thought of that, fair play.

(I know it sucks OP, sorry!)


Don’t pay them a penny! :laughing:


This kind of behaviour isn’t allowed and they could well close their account because of it (and rightly so)

Please report it in app as you shouldn’t have to put up with this


No you shouldn’t laugh. Domestic abuse, stalking and harassment is really dangerous. Shame on you.


So sorry to hear about this sort of behaviour. I hope COps sort out a block for you.

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Theirs is just no stopping some people but in all honesty hope their will be a feature to prevent in the future as Monzo gets more popular

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Hi Rondel :wave:

This certainly isn’t a great situation to be in. Feel free to reach out to us in-app and we’ll take a look at this for you! :+1:


You should contact the police about unwanted contact. Stalking and harassment is taken extremely seriously.

If your ex is going to these lengths to harass you some five months later, then this is not a normal pattern of behaviour and there is a risk of the behaviour escalating.


Never!!! lol

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I will, will message again once it’s been resolved as someone from Monzo has been in contact with me.


I agree, but going off the OP post I wouldn’t feel he is in any danger as such, He is highlighting a issue to Monzo that could potentially be a new platform for bullying and harassment.

I was laughing at the fact of how genesis people can go, to reach out to people.

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You may not feel that he is in any danger but then you don’t know the circumstances. Further, many instances of low level stalking or harassment behaviour often become something much more serious.

Taken in isolation this may seem trivial or insignificant and you have laughed at it. Taken as part of a larger picture this may be an important warning sign of things to come.

As I have previously stated the original poster should consider contacting the police. Stalking matters are taken very seriously.

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Blimey… As I already said I agreed with you. But I laughed at how she went about it. I’m not laughing at the OP or the situation.


I reached out, Monzo blocked her from contacting me witch is awesome, was dealt with swiftly once I raised the issue.

Cheers Guys :facepunch:t5:


Freudian slip?


Used the wrong which, my apologies I blame my iPhone!!

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