Please help


Please, i need to know how to block someone. My ex boyfriend is requesting money or sending money like 0,5p just to try to get in touch with me with awfull messages. I don’t want to close my account.
I already delete him but he can request or sending money and I don’t know how to stop it.
Please i need some ideas.
Thanks in advance.

I’d initially contact Monzo, but please also consider reporting to the police via 101, since this can be considered a domestic incident with a form of malicious communications and/or harassment.

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I don;t think you can block someone from sending you money i’m afraid (it’s just a bank account number and sort code) - I’m not sure if Monzo can give you new details for situations like these.

Ah, you see that’s something I didn’t think of. you are right though

Monzo will block the account for you if you contact them in app and give the details


Omg it is the same text!!
I already reported him to the police. But he doesn’t care.
So sad it is to see this. I am not the only one. But I want to find the way to get my calm back.
How can i get in touch with Monzo?

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If you go to the app help section and type ‘contact support’ you will find a link there

Keep a record of everything your ex does. All the payments and messages and anything else. This will help prove continuing harassment. Keep reporting him

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Report it to Monzo, this is a form of financial / emotional abuse or harassment however you want to word it, on the other hand I’m sorry to hear your having to go through that.

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I think Monzo really should look at the privacy side of the contacts part of their app as I bet this happens on a daily basis.

It would be good if you could pick and choose / add a block feature

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I vaguely remember when this feature was launched privacy concerns were raised.

Something else to do is reset phone and change all passwords just in case


There was a very similar situation here where the user was reported to Monzo and then blocked.


I’m not sure this is a Monzo thing. If I know your sort code and account number, it doesn’t matter who you bank with, I can send you messages via the payment references when I send you money.

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I think Monzo should be able to change your account number

I would guess this was being done via the part where the phone number is matched to an account, account details do not show that way.

Hey hope you managed to get in contact with Monzo, and the issue is now sorted.
When i contacted them, they got back to me promptly and blocked her from contacting me.

Thank you all!! This has been sorted very quick. They block him. I feel relief. :pray:


I’m glad you resolved this so quickly. Please as others suggest keep any records of this for a paper trial in future.

Looking at the 2019 thread linked above - I’m very surprised at how much information you can fit in the “Request for” section. Not sure if it would help but it feels like a limit on that might be sensible anyway.

I’m glad to come back to this thread and see it has been sorted. It’s ashame you have had to go through that. Onto a new chapter :blue_book:

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