The reason I'm looking forward to Monzo

I turn 18 in August (19th) and I’ve never been able to purchase alcohol or a lottery ticket, and when I get my Monzo card the first things I’m going to buy with it are both alcohol and a lottery ticket.

Dont know why, I’ve always just had this planned from when I was a lot younger, almost like “Yeah, im old enough now!”


Good news! You can buy a lottery ticket at 16.

Bad news! Alcohol is overrated.


I remember when I worked in a supermarket back in the day and was on the tobacco kiosk which served lottery tickets and scratchcards, I had a kid come in and buy his first ever scratchcard. He came back the next day… he’d won £100. Lucky bugger.

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I only drink beer, I don’t like spirits. Whiskey is alright.
Drinking excessively is just overrated IMO.

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