What if Monzo had a birthday lottery?

What if Monzo users could opt into a communal birthday pot?

Say a yearly subscription of 50p every month or something like that.

Then every month/week some sort of magic Monzo algorithm could pick a random Monzo user (whose birthday falls on that day) to award the birthday pot to.

Even if the amount was small, it’d be a nice little surprise.

Depending how many users get involved there could be more than one lottery per month/week.

Also maybe the winner could be given the option to privately donate their birthday gift to charity.

I realise there’s lots of holes in how this idea could work.

That’s for the folks with bigger brains than me to figure out.

Happy birthday everyone!

So a little like premium bonds?

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Sign me up!

  • Monzo have +1M customers.
  • If just 10% partake, that’s +100k.
  • If every user subscribed just £1 per year, and a lottery was drawn every single day, then the prize would be c.£275 and you would have a 1 in 275 chance (0.37%) of winning.

£200 to the winner / £75 to a charitable cause, or split up as appropriate following user feedback.

Everyone loves a Brucey Bonus!

Factor in administration costs.
Consider Monzo actively has (optional) gambling blocks. Would this contradict what they are doing there with vulnerable customers?

A few angles on this - personally I would be more than game though.