The *other side* of "I got scammed please refund me"

Found this classic example of a possible scammer trying to get monzo to refund his money.

On the initial look it seems like many stories you get on here about people who have bought stuff on facebook and they seller supposedly scammed them but someone digged into the persons post history and it appears they are very happy to use refund scams to try and get their money back by claiming they did not receive the items while using multiple amazon accounts etc.

They even have a post about an ipad for £550 and trying to refund scam it. They may be legit but it doesn’t look good.

I have to wonder if the person bought an ipad off facebook then tried to claim they sent it back and the person didnt play ball so now they want monzo to cover the cost of their ipad.

I know legitimate people get scammed but when you see people like this it makes me wonder how monzo can tell as these scams are no doubt going on all the time trying to rip off companies, banks and people and I wonder how many of these posts here are truly legit.

Buyer/seller beware as these people are trying to scam you as well and if the person was successful I would fear what would happen to your account if you had sold them the ipad on facebook which they claim not to receive.

Just food for thought.


Yes, good point.

Always be very wary of paying with a bank transfer instead for card - at least a card always has chargeback rights.

Also generally be careful online, really.

The other side of it again is that some customers (like the vulnerable elderly) are often more easily taken in by scams, and end up losing their money.

Just to say, they aren’t rights. Chargeback is at the discretion of the bank, or card provider.

Section 75 gives you rights to a refund, a long as you use credit. There are some other restrictions on this.


The “right to request” a chargeback, I suppose. But the bank doesn’t have to do it.

Still better than no ability to challenge the transaction at all!

Absolutely. But if the price is over £100, then always use a credit card if you can. Better to have statutory rights, then be at the whim of your card provider (however much you trust them).


Absolutely, I second that (and I do always make sure I am careful about doing exactly that myself)!

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Had it been deleted when you posted?

No it was still there but yeah it appears he has figured out he has been found out although someone posts screenshots: