The Official Android 10 Thread :android: 🔟

Got it, turned on Gesture based navigation. Liking it thus far! Might be the ‘new shiny’ effect, but I like how things are looking. Fonts and icons and that. Even getting on with the gesture navigation.

Got the update last night and am gutted - it’s completely broken my Pixel 3 XL! :angry:

No notifications, no mobile data, no ambient display, gestures not working properly… I could go on. It clearly hasn’t installed correctly on my phone. Spoken to Google and I’m going to have to try a factory reset this evening. If that doesn’t sort it they’ll fix it under warranty.

I’ve got a Samsung S9, probably won’t get the update till Feb/March next year. It seems they are getting slightly quicker since Project Treble was released, but still pretty poor really :frowning:

Don’t get these issues with an iPhone.

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If you’re confident enough you can reflash the phone yourself that will almost certainly fix it if the reset doesn’t.

It will save you downtime to try yourself because when I had a pixel replacement they made me send it off to their centre in Poland which took five days with UPS then that day they shipped me a brand new one from the UK next day delivery, but otherwise on the upside you get a brand new (at least I did) phone with a new battery etc which is a huge plus if your phone is a year old.

I know they can do a thing where they send you a new phone first and authorise the amount on your card and then when they receive the broken one they release the money, try see if they will do that for you to save you alot of time.

Don’t know why I’m replying but a simple Google search would dispel that.


Need the Beta release for the One Plus 6 :crossed_fingers:t2:

I mean, this is factually incorrect, ask anyone that’s ever worked in a phone store or an Apple store.


Yeah, I’m going to manually sideloading the OTA update file this evening. Hopefully I can avoid a factory reset :+1:t2:

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o2 :oldman:

Well, I couldn’t sideload it as it wouldn’t let me turn on USB debugging (another issue)! In the end I factory reset it and everything is working fine, so I’m busy setting my phone up again :sob:


Annoying that you had to factory reset, but at least you didn’t have to send it off for a warranty replacement!

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Yeah, that’s the main thing! I’m restoring from a backup, so it shouldn’t be too painful. That said, not all apps backup and restore their data properly through Google’s built-in backup facility.

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I personally found restores pretty seamless even widgets were back where they were supposed to be.

But I guess the only app that I really use which is not cloud based is WhatsApp.

Most of my data was restored. The odd app had to be set up from scratch and I’ve found 3 or 4 apps that don’t seem to be compatible with 10 yet.

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Which apps? I’ve not noticed any myself.

Barclays… :joy:

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Wealthify is force closing when I try to open it, as is the app I use to interact with my GP surgery (Evergreen). The LG TV app won’t connect to my TV. I’ve also lost all my progress and high scores from one of my favourite games that I’ve had installed for years!

…and unsurprisingly Barclaycard. Standard Life also doesn’t work :slightly_frowning_face: