The Official Android 10 Thread :android: 🔟

I tried the Beta when it first came out, but rolled it back because it broke Google Pay due to not being fully certified yet.

I also hated the first iteration of Gesture Navigation, but it seems the tweaks they’ve made during the Beta testing have made it a lot more usable.

My favourite new features are the system-wide dark mode in a single tap, and the ability to easily set GPS permissions to ‘Only when using app’.


Nationwide also not working

Seems to be working fine for me. What’s not working?

Unfortunately It’s not possible to take a screen shot, but essentially the app loads, “establishing a secure connection”, but after that it says experiencing a technical problem, restart the app or try again later. Been like this since the upgrade to Android 10. Very consistent failure. This is on a Pixel 2.

I haven’t tried Nationwide since I updated to Android 10, can confirm I’m getting the same “We’re sorry…”

Haven’t been able to get into it yet. :thinking:

Try reinstalling the app for nationwide.

No app other than Monzo needs to be reinstalled to fix issues :speak_no_evil: :wink:


DM’ed Nationwide and they suggested deleting and reinstalling. There was also an update today to the app today. One of these things has solved the issue - everything working now.

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Looks like a (relatively) quick turnaround for OnePlus devices:

Still waiting for my turn in the phased roll out, though…

I’m not sure if they stopped this, but you used to be able to vpn to a different country to skip the wait,

Try Canada and Germany if I remember correctly.

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Great call! Nothing yet, but I’ll keep giving it a go… :+1:

What phone do you have Peter? It may be possible to sideload the OTA update file. This doesn’t need root or unlocked bootloaders, anything like that

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Interesting :eyes:

I’m on a OnePlus 7 Pro :android:

Do you recommend it? I’m torn between a new OnePlus or the Pixel 4…

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I had the OnePlus 5 before, but this is probably the best that a 4G phone could get for me.

I have the 5g one, the screen is amazing and I love the OS. The camera is good but not amazing but the only thing that stops it from being perfect in my eyes.

Are you actively using 5G or are you just future proofing?

If you are, which network are you with and what’s it like?!

The main reason I got it is because I wanted a 7 pro and at the time you could only get one on contract by getting the 5g model on EE. It is faster loading things but coverage is patchy so I dont think I’d be upset if I had to go back to 4g.

The best thing about it for me has been the swappable benefits ee are doing on 5g. Currently have 2 included in my plan so Im using the video and music pass. Not having youtube netflix or tidal included in my data has been great when I travel with work. Now that I’m not worrying about streaming using up my data allowance, I’d miss that more than 5g.

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Though because of the data issues I never really streamed when I had 4g, so perhaps I would miss it more than I realise?

Ah, I don’t know if OnePlus release their update files. The Pixel OTA update is available to download. Might be worth checking on the OnePlus website.

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