The Official Android 10 Thread :android: 🔟

I tried the Beta when it first came out, but rolled it back because it broke Google Pay due to not being fully certified yet.

I also hated the first iteration of Gesture Navigation, but it seems the tweaks they’ve made during the Beta testing have made it a lot more usable.

My favourite new features are the system-wide dark mode in a single tap, and the ability to easily set GPS permissions to ‘Only when using app’.


Nationwide also not working

Seems to be working fine for me. What’s not working?

Unfortunately It’s not possible to take a screen shot, but essentially the app loads, “establishing a secure connection”, but after that it says experiencing a technical problem, restart the app or try again later. Been like this since the upgrade to Android 10. Very consistent failure. This is on a Pixel 2.

I haven’t tried Nationwide since I updated to Android 10, can confirm I’m getting the same “We’re sorry…”

Haven’t been able to get into it yet. :thinking:

Try reinstalling the app for nationwide.

No app other than Monzo needs to be reinstalled to fix issues :speak_no_evil: :wink:


DM’ed Nationwide and they suggested deleting and reinstalling. There was also an update today to the app today. One of these things has solved the issue - everything working now.

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