Android P : Developer Beta 4 / DP5

(Simon B) #1

Looks like this just landed too. It’s a busy day for OS betas :wink:

Seems like more or less a final version, minus whatever features they are holding back to launch with the Pixel 3.

OTA isn’t available yet, but you can sideload. If there’s no OTA by the end of the week I’ll probably sideload to my Pixel 2 XL.

Android 9.0 (Pie :pie: :robot:)
(Simon B) #2

(Tony Hoyle) #3

Everything new appears to be a couple of icon tweaks :stuck_out_tongue:

Pretty close to release I’d guess.

(James Wheatley) #4

Yeah the update for the Pixel 2 XL was 50mb which is tiny for OS updates.

I’m guessing it is mainly bug fixes and a few tweaks.

I have it installed now and cannot see anything that stands out.

(Michael) #5

I think the PIxel 1 update was a similar size, just done mine.

Not sure if the Auto rotate icon is now better or worse though…

(James Wheatley) #6

I think it looks quite good but not sure it really explains what it does for anyone new to Android.

(Simon B) #7

Seems to be mostly bug fixes.


They’ve removed the microphone icon from the Google bar at the bottom of the home screen and changed the autorotate icon. The rest is bug fixes.

(Marcus Nailor) #9

There’s one thing which remains broken… But I’ll blame the app not the OS :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That would be Snapchat notification sounds… Weirdly!

Other than that it’s been rock solid since even the first preview :grin: very nice Android release.

Looks like August 20th will be the finial release date (according to evleaks)