The Next Step: Current Accounts!

Congratulations! Looking forward to the next steps.

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I’m also in the camp of CASS before It’s been a total pain in the bum trying to switch some of my Direct Debits on the trial.

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OK, I’m a bit confused.

All Pre-paid Card users will be invited to “upgrade” to the Current Account.

I’m a Pre-paid Card user AND a TestFlight Current Account user.

So what happens? Do I get the Pre-paid Card user invite and “upgrade” and have two Current Accounts, or do I not get the Pre-paid Card use invite because I already have a Test Flight Current Account?

Do I then get an invite to “upgrade” by TestFlight Current Account to the “new” Current Account.

Am I the only one that is confused of the process?

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your prepaid will close and balance and data will merge with the preview CA you have and you will get a new debit card…that,s my understanding

Halfway down this page they explain what happens to people already previewing the account.

Over the coming weeks we’ll get in touch through the app to ask you to migrate your prepaid account. With a few taps, you’ll be able to transfer your balance and information over to your current account.

So notification is given through the TestFlight CA app. The Pre-Paid account is migrated - but to where? The TestFlight CA app, or to a new CA app?

I’m sure it will all work fine, but I’m just anxious not to end up with duplicate or additional accounts.

The main pre-paid app will be updated within coming weeks and become the Monzo app. In the background your accounts (pre-paid and current) will in essence be merged. The Monzo app will look at that.

The TestFlight App will go away, as this was just a bare minimal app to cope with the new current account features (DD/SO/etc).

So you’ll end up with one account (a CA) and one App.


Hi all - first post.

I’m one of the people who only got the Monzo card for use abroad (no huge ATM withdrawals though, promise) and so won’t be switching over to the current account. Monzo is great, the app is cool, but I’m not the target market for it.

Is there an easy way for me to transfer the remaining balance back into my bank account? It’s not a huge amount and if needs be I could withdraw as much cash as possible and put the rest into an Amazon voucher, but if there’s a better way then let me know.


Have a word with someone on the in-app chat. They should be able to help you.

Thanks, will do. Was expecting a more angry reply, given your avatar…



confused with this change?
Does this mean using the card abroad it may start costing?
They posted about ATM charges before? When will this happen? Can i use my current monzo card the next few weeks without any issues?

I’m not (yet) particularly interested in the current account (I’m old enough that I like to do my ‘grown-up’ banking on a real computer), but I love the prepaid card and use it for budgeting. Is the intention to eventually shut these down? :frowning:


Would I still be able to use my prepaid Monzo card after I sign up for the current account?

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Top the account up from your Bank Account to the nearest £10 and then draw out the cash at an ATM. Or if you drive, spend the exact amount on the card in fuel! :slight_smile:

Yes, but (as far as I’m aware) there’s no reason you can’t just use the current account in the same way as the prepaid: that’s what I’m planning to do.


You can use the current account in exactly the same way as you have been using the pre-paid card. You don’t have to use all of the additional features that are available on the current account.

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Alternatively use an intermediary like PayPal to transfer the exact amount.

I am in the same boat as @tc424 - I am not interested in another current account, I signed up as I really liked the idea of the prepaid card as it helped me budget my money monthly and actually see where it all goes each month.

Do I need to upgrade/sign up for the current account or can I just keep my prepaid card and carry on as I am now?

Please HELP!! lol

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I really like the fact that my Monzo card is pre-paid and I mainly use it for it’s budgeting feature - will I be forced to ‘upgrade’ to a current account and will any of these features then change?

No one is forced to do anything.

You either upgrade to a Current Account and use it as a full current account (with direct debits and salary payments, etc) or you choose to use it as an account for budgeting similar to how the pre- paid is used now.

Or if you choose not to upgrade, then your account will eventually close as the pre- paid gets phased out.

Your choice. Nothing forced.