Exporting spending data on Android

How do releases work now with two apps? Do things go into both or one or the other?

Just yesterday I felt the need for this feature, knowing Monzo I already had a feeling that it’ll be in development somewhere. Thanks!!

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Both where possible. We’ll be merging the apps at some point in the near future anyway, so this won’t be an issue.

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This should work on both the pre-paid, and current account.


Looks like just the pre-paid account at the moment? :frowning: @kavi

Yes, but have a look at this. There is mention of more updating due tomorrow and full parity for migration quite soon.

Hi Monzo team,
Loving the app but really need the download transaction option to make it easier to manage my finance for Android. When is this launching??

Thanks! Keep up the great work

It’s launched already if you update the app it is in the top right of the “Spending” tab

I’m on version 1.12.1 and seem no further update in PlayStore. Still cant see the option.


I’ve just received the update, and this is a great feature. Any way of manually choosing my own date parameters to search?

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Same here.

No update available on Play Store either.

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Might just be on PlayStore’s beta channel not yet out fully.

Here’s a guide on how to join it


Yep, it’s added in 1.13.0
I’m guessing this must be a Beta channel update. I can’t imagine it will be too long before it becomes generally available on the Playstore.

Should be in the general release in the next few days :grinning:


This is great!
I have a few requests:

  • Do not export declined transactions
  • Do not export transactions with the value zero
  • Can I have a day field, preferably with format dd-mm-yyyy ?
  • Can you add the format QFX or OFX?

This is me trying to synch up with Goodbudget…


Agree with pauloya’s points.

Declined transactions in the exports are a real pain. If there was some tag (both in QIF and CSV) that identified them as declined, that would make them easier to deal with. A (better?) alternative would be to add a reversing transaction. At least then you’d have the information (there was an attempted transaction) and the accounting system would not have inaccurate balances.

(I’m running on Android, exporting to GnuCash. From my point of view, OFX would be a better format than QIF)


To follow on from the other’s requests, I have got a couple of requests / feedback of my own on the csv export.

Please, can you remove the UTC offset ( “+0000” ) from the created column, or separate this to its own column? When viewing the csv in Excel, this extra information alongside the timestamp prevents Excel recognising this as a date/time column. This makes filtering impossible as each line is interpreted as a separate text item.

Also, the addition of a column for resulting balance for each transaction row would be great.

Personally, if these two changes were made, the data export would be an adequate alternative in lieu of an online banking solution being offered.

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OK Just seen this… Finally we have a more workable statement…

But how am I supposed to use this without a start balance and end balance of the exported range ??

Once again we come back to the failure to understand why a running balance is so essential, or if understood some reason why even after all this time no where is it presented in the app…

I would like to reiterate how frustrating the date format is in the CSV export. Can this be made readable as a date?

I would also like to raise my frustration as an android user at not being able to export my expenses and transactions. As a freelancer I need to be able to either export by month or by transaction for my tax and I cant do so. I will have to swap my useage ofMonzo to my other bank cards until this is built in.

I’m surprised that this forum was created almost 3 years ago and there’s been no update???