The Next Step: Current Accounts!

Think of it like this. The prepaid will be upgraded to additional functionality. You may use as much or as little of that as you wish. You will be able to continue to use a Monzo card largely as you have been already.


Not really. They take payment by card…

A lot of talk here about overseas ATM withdrawals will charge in the future, but has any decision actually been made and announced following the poll?

See here:

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Thought as much. So how come people here are making the assumption the costs are going to be passed on? It’s misleading to the prepaid users moving over to CA

Because they will be in some way or another

If you are talking about UK ATM fess then these will also be passed to us as the Prepaid has a bug

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Hi Ben, thank you very much for your kind words. It’s alright, I can understand what other people are trying to say, even if it’s coming across a little harsh. Everyone has a valid point, I think sometimes its hard to get a point across via text without sounding a little confrontational. Thanks! It’s been a great and eventful month so far, no doubt the next two will continue to have their surprises. I’m sadly a coeliac, cider is my drink of choice and it costs the same here as it would in a northern Weatherspoons. A 500ml bottle of Vodka and two bottles of ice T on the other hand cost me just £3 haha.


Exact costs might be passed on, or it could be £200 free then 3% or 2% globally or 1.5% EU and 3% globally. Sure, a cost will be levied against these withdrawals at some point in every option, but it’s not exactly a direct passing on of the costs.

I just think it’s best to keep it clear until a firm decision has been made.

Not talking about UK ATM fees, didn’t realise that was a bug! Not used the prepaid for a couple of months since getting the CA now.

But either way no matter how you word it some form of charge will be coming.


I’m currently budgeting my income by transferring from my current account (non-Monzo) to my Monzo card, and it’s proving really effective. Will I be able to retain my prepaid card and use it if I upgrade to the current account?

Hey @stevenjmesser, unfortunately you won’t be able to eventually as the prepaid system will be getting shut down.

You can use the Monzo current account in the same manner as you use the prepaid card though :slight_smile:


I’m currently budgeting my income by transferring from my current account (non-Monzo) to my Monzo card, and it’s proving really effective. Will I be able to retain my prepaid card and use it if I upgrade to the current account?

I think I read somewhere that once you transfer to the Current Account your pre-paid card gets closed down so you can’t have both, it’s either on or the other?

Correct, though eventually only Current Accounts will be available.

Noooo! is one of the best features, and the one that has hooked several muggle friends enough to make them sign up for their own Monzo cards.

I’ve used it several times for things like theatre tickets and days out, where i’ve booked and then need people to pay me for their individual tickets.

Sending out BACS details takes weeks for people to remember to log on to their internet banking and repay me, PayM is usually met with blank looks as it’s been so badly marketed hardly anyone knows what it is…

But when I send a Monzo me link out, the money is usual back in my account in minutes, people tap the link, see the options and it’s so simple and easy with no extra setup from them or brainpower needed to fathom that they just use it.

In fact it was lack of that stopped me from signing up from the current account preview…so please, don’t bump it too far down the list…


Thanks for letting me know, @spicefox, and that’s a shame. I’d love to know how I can automate payments to other accounts via the API, as my budgeting tool (self-built) relies on that. Grateful if you can point me in the right direction, but no worries if not.

Out of interest, what will you miss from the prepaid card, given that the current account can be used in the exact same way (but with fewer/no places where the card won’t be accepted)?

No, but there’s no reason you can’t do exactly the same thing with the current account. Just treat it like the prepaid card, don’t apply for an overdraft, and nothing will change.

I think my problem is that I need friends and that’s why I’ve never used :joy:

You just know when its available that it’ll be swish though :dancer:


How? Unless you’ve hacked something the API is read only - you can’t authorise payments to other accounts, or send money to people. Only view your balance and transactions?

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This maybe? vvv :upside_down_face:


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