Continue with pre-paid and current?

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Has there been a policy decision not to allow customers to continue with the pre-paid card? I like the idea of having a pre-paid card for things like holidays. Will mine stop working when I get the current account?


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Is there a Monzo forum equivalent of

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Shame you are exiting the pre-paid market. I think you are missing a trick there.there are plenty of uses cases for having a debit and pre-paid card, otherwise the market wouldn’t exist. I think you should reconsider

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I believe the prepaid cards are way too expensive to keep. I don’t think Monzo should continue to offer a product that will never make any profit and loses a lot of money. The prepaid system was only ever good for testing features, it’s not a sustainable business model

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Yeah, there’s a huge market for loss-making prepaid cards, it just happens it’s not a good business to be in. Rather than assuming people need a prepaid card, Monzo need to focus on what people liked about the prepaid scheme and figure out how to bring it to regular banking.

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I’m starting to think what people like about the prepaid cards is the name “prepaid”.
Even if you give them a current account with the exact same functionality as the prepay, some part of them thinks “prepay = safe, current account = DANGER, FRAUD”

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I think people just like the idea of a card linked to a smaller pot of money, safely removed from their main account.

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So… just like the current account can be then?

It does seem the name is the issue…

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Hey Alex :wave:

Since day one the plan for Monzo has always been to offer the best current account on the planet; the prepaid card was launched as a way to beta test the app and build the experience and internal tools required to support a current account.

Unfortunately, this means the prepaid card will be going away - but don’t worry! You’ll still be able to use the current account in the exact same way you currently use the prepaid card! You’ll just get the additional benefits of things like Faster Payments, Direct Debits and FSCS protection :tada: If you’re worried about having a separate pot of money to draw from than your main account, this is something Monzo are already working on :eyes:

More "Plain Anglo Saxon" info please!

Current account will have fees… unpaid transaction fee, returned payment fee, overdraft etc…
Everyone needs profit and Monzo…
Pre paid cards are worry free… no credit checks so no obligations…
I want Monzo current account instead of pre paid card :slight_smile:

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where are you getting your information about the current account having fees - even the overdraft fees havent been decided yet as far as Im aware - thats not to say there won’t be overdraft fees by the way - just interested to see where you are getting your info from ? :slight_smile:

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Monzo have specifically said they never will charge these fees?

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Had to google it, that sounds like the most unfair fee ever. “Sir, we are charging you for doing absolutely nothing other than declining a transaction which in many cases its automatic anyway!!” :open_mouth:

(Ian Lyon) #15

You’ll get those with every other legacy bank, but those are just the things Monzo are trying to avoid! :x:

Well, you’ll need a credit check for identity & verification purposes, but if you don’t intend on getting an overdraft or credit facilities, then it’s my understanding (please correct me if I’m wrong!) that it’ll be a ‘soft’ credit check that doesn’t impact your credit rating and won’t be seen by other parties that perform a ‘hard’ search.

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I think this topic has been brought up a few times. I hope :monzo: have taken notice and are planning some very clear marketing to prepaid users highlighting the similarities and benefits… kind of a 10 bullet point list above a more detailed blog. To really show that it’s a positive step for everyone.


No fees?
Just got an email from Monzo … foreign ATM withdrawals 3% and £200 free of charge once a year!
So you will see feature fees anyway…

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Suggest you read it again…


An Important Update on ATM Fees Abroad

From 18th December 2017, we’ll be introducing some limits on foreign currency cash withdrawals
Almost three weeks ago, we came to the community to ask for help making a tricky decision. Faced with rising ATM costs, we wanted to work together to come up with a structure that’s fair for everyone and sustainable for us going forward. So we proposed three different pricing options, and asked our community to decide.

Garnering nearly two thirds of the vote, there was one clear winner, which we’ve used to set out the following limits. With your help, we think we’ve found a fair solution.

£200 free allowance per month, 3% charge for foreign withdrawals thereafter

Per month - sorry :wink: