BOJO as pm

So Boris Johnson is on track to being the next pm what are people’s thoughts?

Personally I don’t think he will be a bad choice. I was never a fan of Mrs May and if Cornyn ever gets in we are all doomed. I think Boris my be the only one who can pull votes back from the brexit party.


God help us all


I think it’s a great way of deepening some of the already deep divisions in society.


Exactly. Corbin would make us doomed and Boris would be good? How does that work lol


Awful awful awful.

But then every single Tory party candidate is the same. Entitled, blinkered, and seemingly wanting to run this country into the ground, destroying the NHS and privatising as much as possible on the way so they can get paid, screw the people at the margins.


So good leave are rallying against an unelected elite. Would never happen here :roll_eyes:


The problem with most MPs and politics is they don’t live in the real world of most people.



The problem with Mr. Johnston is that he isn’t even capable of comprehending ‘most people’.


This is all going to come down to where your political views lie. The thought of Boris doesn’t worry me half as much as the thought of Corbyn as PM. This country needs a strong charismatic leader and I think he could be the one. However history will the judge as to whether he is successful or not (if he is indeed elected).


Personally, I think that this is the last thing any country needs.


Without any political leaning, I still believe Johnston as PM is a disaster. We don’t need charisma, we need leadership, clarity, and an understanding of what this country needs from top to bottom. He may vaguely have some level of charm but beyond that he is inconsistent, blinkered, and views the UK through his own highly privileged bubble.


And I’m out because politics at this time in the morning never ends well…

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This country is massively lacking in leadership (across the political spectrum), which is partly to blame for this whole sorry mess of a society we currently find ourselves in. Boris Johnson will do absolutely nothing to improve that, he’ll just make it worse.

I’ll dip my toes in and state that I think any of the current crop of Tories would be a disaster.

I also think the Corbyn project has now failed and he is unable to mount a serious winning opposition.

God help me I’ll never vote Lib Dems.

What a political vacuum.


I think most people across the political spectrum think that this country is lacking any decent political leadership. The current cohort of MPs do not fill me with much trust.

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Corbyn is a disaster and would represent a worst case scenario IMO.

That said, I don’t feel terribly inspired by any of the current Tory offerings. Boris in particular seems tone deaf to anyone but the elite, but then I’m not sure how much less-so his colleagues are in that.


Boris Johnson is and always was a really terrible person

Lying, cheating, hypocrisy, threats of violence, being just plain nasty or insensitive and so on

On top of that genuinely not being that competent (witness his time as Foreign Secretary when he further doomed the lady in Iran because he is loose with his language as always)

How he has managed to create not just a shield for this bad behaviour, but has also convinced so many people, previously only inside the M25, that he is a “ledge” will likely always remain totally beyond me

Come on Emily Thornberry and Keir Starmer, your time is now to push the button!


As seen on Twitter, a list of over 80 times when Boris Johnson was a flaming bin fire in human form, but without the redeeming features:



Those on the right will think BoJo is a great (or good prospect) being charismatic and a “breath of fresh air” whilst Corbyn would doom us all.

Those on the left will think BoJo and any of the Tories is just “more of the same” and that Corbyn will/might fix things or change things.

BoJo is effectively our “hold my beer” following Trump being elected (this is not a comment on his political views but him as a person) loose lipped, a little bit scatty and uncontrollable.