Really Real time banking

(Si) #1

We all hate having money held on our card. These authorisation checks really get to me by “Normal” Banks it’s not so bad when it’s ten pence. But why it’s a pound it does get up my nose. Today I thought I was overcharged by Google. I had no idea that making a purchase would need a check simultaneously. Surely the purchase would serve as check enough. The love story with mondo continues for me, as I questioned this transaction using the Mondo Messenger, got a prompt reply . Very informative & from people who really know what they are on about. & I was told that it was a Validation card check, this normally would have been enough for me as it isn’t Mondos fault that these merchants act in such a bad way, by mondo said they would reverse this straight away :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:. Now this blew me away . When mondo are able to use Apple Pay I swear to Buddah that I will put away my two bank account with nationwide & Natwest & use mondo :100:. So impressed. I feel like i could be stranded in the Congo & you guys could help me get some bushmeat & chips to eat within the hour should I have a problem with my card. So so impressed with customer services response times. Sometimes in the AM!! I’m so happy. &. So excited for the future orf Mondo & me. I’m an investor in Zopa & this is the best thing since Zopa . Fresh & Full of Freah ideas. Well done gang . :+1::100::muscle::100: