Lloyds Bank and First Data Debit Card Glitch

Anyone else read about the debit card glitches that were reported today https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-45400234 . When I read stuff like this it makes me really value the simple features that Monzo offer like getting notifications when a transaction happens, in addition I have a decent level of trust that Monzo would pick up on this before it happened to too many customers.

Not sure how many people have traveled to the US but I found using my Monzo card to pay for resturaunt bills so useful, almost everyone would take your card and use Magstripe to process the payment (when I used chip and PIN once they were very confused), seeing the correct amount pop up was very reassuring.

Keep up the good work Monzo.


I had a couple of duplicate payments from my bpay card(Barclays) that day I had to message raise a dispute about the payments going out twice

How can duplicate payments ‘happen’ for contactless+Chip’n’Pin transactions? I thought the card generated a unique ‘use-once’ cryptogram/authorisation number which could only be used for a single transaction… Aren’t banks are validating that the single use numbers are only being used for a single transaction?